Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tenantify Is a Lifesaver For Landlords!

While we are all waiting for the economy to get better, we're all trying to figure out how to make some extra cash. One of the quickest ways to bring in an extra income is to become a landlord. While you don't necessarily have to own an apartment complex like the Ropers did in the television series "Three's Company," you can easily remodel your basement or guest house into an apartment. However, some realtor property can be purchased at a low price in some areas, so you could just buy some houses and rent them out.

Once you do have some sort of apartment to rent, then you need to find the perfect tenant. You can just place an ad and accept the first person who responds to it as, sadly, some people do lie on their applications. While there are plenty of websites that let you do a simple background & credit check on a person, none of these sites will inform you of a tenant's current employment & income information. Therefore, you won't know if your tenant is telling the truth where they work or how much income they make. You'll never want to rent to somebody who can't pay their rent. 

The good thing is that there is a website called Tenantify that has the specific purpose to help landlords confirm their tenants' employment information. And I have even more good news - the site is free for landlords! Yep, you heard me right - it is free for landlords, though the tenants will pay $10-$15 after the verification process has been completed.

The idea for Tenantify came from the co-founder Songhua when he found himself as a first-time landlord. He quickly learned that you could easily confirm a tenant's past seven years of credit, but not their current financial situation, thus the idea for Tenantify was born.

While I'm not a landord, this website does sound like a simple and effective way to verify your future tentant's current employment and income situation. This will easily save you time and money!

Please visit to get started today!

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