Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bloominous - The DIY Wedding Flowers

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Spring is just around the corner, meaning the birds will be chipping, flowers will be blooming and many of you will be planning your upcoming nuptials. Planning such a big event can be stressful with all the preparations that need to be made. If you don't live close to a big city, then your options for flowers are mostly likely limited. Luckily for those couples who do need flowers, there is a great site called Bloominous where you can order 100% Fresh Quality flowers and have them shipped directly to your doorsteps.

Bloominous was founded by Richard and his company makes affordable, beautiful wedding flowers for brides and grooms. He came up with the idea for Bloominous just a few months before his own wedding in November 2011, where he and his wife were trying to stay on a reasonable budget. At the time, Richard was working as a general manager at one of the largest companies in the floral industry, so he was well aware of how much flowers costs. He was expecting a budget for the flowers to be between $500-$1,000, but to his surprise, all of the florists that he and his wife visited gave a $2,000-$4,000 estimate for the flower arrangements.

His wife heard about the growing DIY trend, therefore they considered that the best way to save money was to make the flower arrangements themselves, but they thought that without the help of a florist, it was too daunting for them to take on by themselves. In the end, they ended up going with a florist, but wondered why there isn't an IKEA for wedding flowers out there.

Eventually, Richard pitched the idea of a IKEA florist to the DIY wedding online community and received positive feedback. Half a year after his wedding, he quit his job and started up his own business - Bloominous.

Bloominous' goal is to help create the perfect floral design for any wedding or event. They have their own in-house experienced wedding florist that test different designs, but only currate the very best. They listen to their customers and will update the collection based on feedback. Their "DIY Kits" wedding floral collections are priced 30-50% off what a bride would have to pay at a typical florist. Each kit will be shipped to your locations with easy-to-follow DIY instructions for each kit. All followers are preprocessed and are shipped with any matching accessories (ribbon, vase, etc.) The "DIY Kits" are tested thoroughly by their beta customers. This way they'll ensure that the instructions are accurate.

The company offers a Trial Kit at cost for each of their designs, so you can test out the DIY work before purchasing a complete package. Base packages can be purchased, which can help you save a few dollars, though you can add additional pieces that are suited for your wedding. Delivery is guaranteed within 2-3 days prior to the wedding date. If for some reason the package cannot be delivered by the wedding day, their team of florist will replicate the order and ship it overnight at their cost.

For information about ordering flowers from Bloominous, please visit their website bloominous.com. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram!

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