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Review - Modern Nature-Inspired Quilts

Modern Nature-Inspired Quilts
by Bernadette Mayr
Publisher: Design Originals (Fox Chapel Publishing)
Pub. Date: July 1, 2014
ISBN: 978-1574218602
Pages: 128
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I guess you can probably call me a polymath, as I have a wide variety of interests. Besides from reading books and writing short stories, I do like making crafts, which may sound a little odd coming from a man. My mother was a craftier, so naturally I picked up a few crafting hobbies. My favorite is cross stitching or what is known to others as needlepoint. By now you are probably wondering why I'm reviewing a quilt book and not a cross stitch book. Well, my mother is a quilter, as well as a few aunts and friends, so I'm well educated in the hobby. Though I have never actually sewn a quilt, I do have respect for the craft.

There are many quilts books by different authors published monthly, but the cover of Modern Nature-Inspired Quilts by Bernadette Mayr caught my eye. I quickly asked the publisher if I could the review the title and they kindly sent me complimentary copy to review.

There are twenty-five quilt project featured in the book and they are not your traditional patterns. The author, Bernadette Mayr, along with her sister Irmgard Stangl, uses a more contemporary approach; featuring geometric patterns, like free-form shapes and lines, but with an artistic flair. The patches in the patterns are irregular in size and shape, so you never have to worry about using a ruler to measure the correct size.

From a pin cushion, a backpack, to a wall hanging, there are a wide variety of quilting projects featured in the book. My favorite patterns from the boo are Winter Wonderland, Four Seasons: Winter and Spruce Plantation. There are 15 illustrated tutorials which help you create these beautiful treasures. The quilt styles featured in the book aren't for everyone, but I like the bold colors and the nature theme that is incorporated in each quilt project. Overall, Modern Nature-Inspired Quilts is an exciting new take on the sewing hobby, showing that with a little imagination you can create just about anything.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

About the Author:

Quilt artist Bernadette Mayr is known for her intricate stitching detail, free cutting techniques, and bold colors. She is the author of four previous quilting books: Flower Patchwork, Houses Patchwork, Garden Patchwork, and Water Patchwork. She is the former editor of Patchwork Germany. Her quilts have been featured in numerous publications and exhibits. Her 2007 Quilt "Manhattan" was awarded “Best of Country” at the World Quilt Competition. As a quilt instructor, she gives classes and lectures in Germany and abroad.

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