Monday, 28 July 2014

Monday Morning Madness #46: I Hate Waiting Around For the FedEx Guy!

If you missed my post on Friday, my cat, Fred, passed away. He became sick on Tuesday and I took him to the vet on Wednesday, which he was diagnosed with kidney failure. The vet had him for 48 hours, but in the end there was nothing the vet could do to save him.

Insomnia set in last week due to the whole ordeal and I finally crashed on Saturday, falling asleep in late afternoon. I was more or less numb for most of Sunday and my shoulder was hurting from digging Fred's grave Friday afternoon.

Today, I awoke bright and early and exercised, which is something I have been lacking lately. I watched the movie Rage starring Nicolas Cage, which I'll be writing a review for in the next couple of days. I was basically just wasting time until the FedEx guy showed up, so I could sign for a delivery. I went outside for five minutes to pick some tomatoes and jalapenos from the small garden in the back yard. I wasn't gone five minutes, but it was long enough for the FedEx to leave a "You Weren't Home" sign on my front door. The funny thing is when I was walking back from from the garden towards the deck, I saw the FedEx truck drive by. You would think that he would have seen me and turned around, but I guess he didn't.

To make a longer story short, now I have to wait around tomorrow for the FedEx to show up, just so I can sign for a pillow!

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