Monday, 30 June 2014

Monday Morning Madness # 45: Summer Revolt!

It may look like a nice summer morning, but it is dreadful outside. The humidity is so bad, that I can barely breathe, so setting on the deck and drinking a cup of coffee is out of the question. Instead I'm typing this post, halfway watching Too Close For Comfort on Antenna TV and listening to an Evanescence album, so I'm multitasking.

My original intent was to exercise the first thing this morning (which is something I have been lacking and my body is feeling it), but it seems I can't get anything done without a load of coffee in my system. Plus, I have several review posts that I want to get written up and then I want to finish reading a book, so I can write a review for it tomorrow.

I finally broke down and ordered the upcoming blu-ray release of Halloween: The Complete Collection. I've been wanting to replace my DVDs with Blu-rays and this seems to be the cheapiest route. Plus, I want to see the official Halloween 6 Producers Cut! Yes, the price is a little steep, but I have some money put back for it. My birthday is in early September and the Blu-ray set comes out in late September, so I'm buying a late birthday present for myself.

Actually, I had hoped I would have enough money to take a few online courses, like at USC MCM Online or somewhere else, but things happen and my money has been tight for the first part of the year, so hopefully by winter, I might (and I said might) have enough money saved to take a few online writing courses.

Well, I just got an email that I'll be receiving something by UPS again. My neighbors must think that I am rich or nuts, because I receive several packages a week by USPS,UPS or FedEx, which almost all of them contains books, DVDs/Blu-rays or products for me to review.

I better end this post here and get started on those other posts.

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