Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How Judo Can Benefit Your Child

Judo is one of the relatively new martial arts to come out of Japan. Developed in the late 1800s, it is similar to many other martial arts, but is considered safer for many children because it doesn’t involve punching or kicking. Judo uses certain techniques to pin an opponent and is an appropriate sport for most people—from young children to adults. Some of the more advanced techniques are only permitted for older age groups, to ensure that they’re used properly. Look for judo in Wakefield to help your child grow into a stronger, more confident young adult. It is a sport for both boys and girls, and many people who aren’t successful in traditional sports can flourish in judo.

  Physical Benefits

The obvious benefit of enrolling your child in judo classes is that they will have an opportunity to be more physically active. Instead of sitting in front of the television or video games all day long, they’ll be up and moving around throughout class. Many parents find that once their children begin attending judo classes, they learn to enjoy physical activity so much that even while they’re at home, they spend less time on the couch. Older children can also build muscle and cardiovascular endurance if they continue to attend judo classes regularly.

  Mental Benefits

Once your child begins taking judo in Wakefield, you are likely to see mental and emotional benefits as well. Judo requires discipline and commitment, and many students learn to bring these character traits back to their homes and schools. They often display better listening skills, higher respect for authority, and an improved ability to concentrate on their schoolwork. Judo also helps students to improve their self-esteem as they progress through the classes. They learn how to set goals, and feel more successful as they accomplish tasks they once thought to be impossible. Higher self-confidence helps them to not be as susceptible to bullying, maintaining a positive view of themselves no matter what the situation. It can also help them to feel more comfortable with themselves physically, and may help to prevent problems such as eating disorders. Enroll your child today and see the difference it can make!

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