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Review - Entertain Like A Gentleman

Entertain Like A Gentleman
by David Harp
Publisher: New Year Publishing
Pub. Date: January 1, 2011
Retail: $21.95
ISBN: 978-1935547181
Pages: 228

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Book Description:

Knowing how to entertain for that special date or for a large crowd is the epitome of being a gentleman. There is no stronger way to impress someone than by showcasing your culinary skills. Bachelor Chef and culinary instructor David Harap has created a series of menus that any man can make his own. This book helps men create unforgettable meals for their guests without stress or needing years of cooking school. In addition to many exciting recipes for every occasion, that are tons of tips and secrets on how to become the ultimate host. Memorable meals made easy.

About the Author:

Culinary instructor David Harap has a passion for food and cooking since he was a child. Working in commercial kitchens and catering halls to help put himself through Cornell University, David built a solid knowledge base of culinary fundamentals. His cooking style is very much influenced by his global travels and blends international culinary techniques with local and seasonal products. David teaches a wide range of classes, including many on entertaining, at the Central Market Cooking School and hosts an underground supper club, Austin Bite Club. He is also a partner with Stanton Chase International, a leading global executive search firm.


As I previously stated in another recent review, I do know how to cook and bake. It is something I learned when I was a teenager. My mother had went back to work, so if I wanted a meal I had to make it myself. That being said, I do own a several different cookbooks, which most are written by women. Yes, I'm well aware that there are a few male chefs/cooks on television, but for some reason I'm not a big fan of them.

Last week, I was sent a nifty cookbook titled "Entertain Like A Gentleman" by David Harap, which is written especially for us men. The book opens up with the author giving 25 stress-free tips for hosting a dinner, party or an event for your family or friends. To me, the tips are common sense, but they can be helpful for anyone that is new to cooking.

There are many tasteful recipes that can used for different occasions, such as a Scotch Tasting Affair; Super Bowl Party; March Madness Party; Cheese and Wine Party; Pool Parties; Tailgating; Oktoberfest; and Cocktail Parties. If you are single, then you'll get a kick out of chapters 10-13, which focuses the recipes for date nights, romantic dinners and breakfast in bed. If you are married, there are a few brunch recipes you can make for your in-laws. If you have children, there is even a couple recipes, such as Dinosaur Eggs and Mac'n Cheese, you can make with your kids.

Entertain Like A Gentlemen is a great cookbook for a beginner cook or chef. I especially liked the Texas Chilli and the White Chocolate Spice Cookies recipes. It is always difficult coming up with a gift for men, so I recommend Entertain Like A Gentleman, which would make the perfect gift for Easter.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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