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Review - Distortion

Moonlighter Series, Book Two
By Terri Blackstock
Publisher: Zondervan
Pub. Date: March 11, 2014
ISBN: 978-0310283140
Pages: 352
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I have seen Terri Blackstock's books in book catalogs, but I only started reading her books about two years ago. Her writing style is different than most Christian authors. Most books in the genre tend to be strictly a romantic story, but Terri Blackstock centers the majority of her books (at least the ones I have read) around a mystery of some sorts. Last spring, I reviewed her novel Truth Stained Lies, book one in the Moonlighter Series, and earlier this year I got a change to review a ARC of the second book in the series titled, Distortion.

Distortion centers on Juliet Cole, whose life is completely torn away when she witnesses her husband of fifteen-years gunned down before her very own eyes. Now a widow and the only parent to her boys, she is determined to keep them safe no matter what the costs.

What she thought was a random murder turns into something else when she discovers threatening voice-mails. Afraid for the lives of her children, Juliet turns toward her sisters, Holly and Cathy, for help, but the mystery may be too big for them to handle, so they once again enlist PI Michael Hogan to help them find the killers.

Many Christian book series have a completely different set of characters for each new book, but Distortion returns to the same characters that were introduced in Truth Stained Lies, but this time the focus is on stay-at-home mother, Juliet Cole, as she searches for her husband's killer. It is a little bold, especially for a Christian novel, to kill off a character's spouse in a sequel, but author Terri Blackstock cleverly used the death as a plot device; reuniting Juliet with her sisters and PI Michael Hogan to solve another mystery, but one that is more personal. Distortion is a tight, well-written mystery-thriller, page-turner that I highly recommend reading.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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About the Author:

Terri Blackstock has sold over six million books worldwide and is a New York Times bestselling author. She is the award-winning author of Intervention, Vicious Cycle, and Downfall, as well as such series as Cape Refuge, Newpointe 911, the SunCoast Chronicles, Restoration, and Moonlighters.

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