Thursday, 27 March 2014

Blu-ray Review - Delivery Man

Delivery Man
Director: Ken Scott
Starring: Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders, 
Studio: Touchstone Home Entertainment/ DreamWorks Pictures
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Retail: $32.99
Running Time: 105 minutes
Rating: PG-13


Arriving on Blu-ray this week from Touchstone Home Entertainment and DreamWorks Pictures is the comedy-drama Delivery Man, directed by Ken Scott (Starckbuck) and starring Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers).

Bonus Extras Include:
  • Building Family - Explore the challenge and fun of creating this modern family, and learn how 142 young actors cast as biological siblings bonded both during and after production.
  • Vince Vaughn: Off The Cuff - Vince Vaughn is the master of comedy, so when he says, "Do you want me to improv?" - yes, we do.
  • Bloopers
  • Deleted scenes
Delivery Man is a remake of the 2011 French-Canadian film, which is also directed by Ken Scott, and centers on slacker David Wozniak (played by Vince Vaughn). He happens to owe $80,000 to a few loan-sharks and of course he doesn't have the money, as his only occupation is being a deliveryman for his father's butcher shop. He's pretty much a failure in the eyes of his family and even to his girlfriend Emma (played by Cobie Smulders).

His life takes an unexpected turn when Emma announces she is pregnant and that she would rather raise the child by herself, as David isn't a reliable person. Then, out-of-nowhere, he is visited by a lawyer representing a sperm bank and delivers some startling news. David has fathered 533 children via donations he made twenty years earlier!

142 of the children have filed a class-action lawsuit demanding to know the identity of the sperm donor who used only the name "Starbuck." David's lawyer friend, Brett (played by Chris Pratt) advices him to stay away from each party of the lawsuit, but curiosity gets the better of him and David seeks out his children one by one; mostly watching from the a distance, but occasionally interacting in their lives without them knowing who he really is. Eventually, David realizes he needs to grow up and become the father he was meant to be.

Vince Vaughn comedies have been mostly bland after starring in 2005's smash-hit Wedding Crashers; in which the characters he plays are annoying. That being said, I was still interested in seeing Delivery Man, though I have never seen the original French-Canadian film. Vaughn's fast-talking acting is toned down and he is more likeable as David Wozniak, man who finds out he has fathered 533 children. The film has several funny moments and the plot is touching and heartfelt. Overall, I ended up enjoying the Delivery Man.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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