Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday Morning Madness #38: Too Much Yoga And Cold Weather

If you haven't noticed, I'm a little late with this post today, but at least I remembered it for once. It has been extremely cold for the past week with several inches of snow on the ground, which I hope it will melt soon, as I'm not the biggest fan of the winter weather. I have found myself oversleeping for the last several days, mostly from me not being able to fall asleep at night, which probably has a little something to do with fact that I've been exercising at nearly midnight every night. Some people say exercising just before bed helps you sleep, but that isn't the case with me, as I'm wide awake.

I'm planning on changing my exercising schedule to earlier in the day, well, I've actually been saying that since the start of the year, but I did manage to finish Day 42 of P90X 3 before two-o'clock this afternoon. I pulled something in my back (the exact same of place I had a injury last year) last week and I thought that a stretching/yoga workout would help it out today, but right now it seems to be worse. I guess I'm going to have to be careful with tomorrow's workout. Right now it would be nice to have a hot tube or one of the Sapphire Plunge Pools to lounge in, as they're suppose to be good for a person’s sore muscles or back injuries, but it would have to be an inside pool, as it is just too cold outside. I would probably freeze to death.

When the temperatures do get warmer in the spring (hopefully), I'm planning on spending more time outdoors, such as mowing the yard and planting a small vegetable garden. Though I have lived in town for over twelve-years, I still don't know the name of the streets besides my own. Maybe, I'll take some time and start walking (I'm not jogging.). This way I might be able to learn the streets and meet some new people. Then of course I could always walk a few miles to the county's lake and do some fishing, but I would probably need a sturdy Motormart Ogio Bike Bag to carry my gear, as my tackle box has seen better days.

Until the weather officially warms up, I'm going to avoid the cold weather at all cost. I have plenty of things to do inside the house, like surfing the net for interesting new sites, such as I have several books I need to read, like The Descent and Robert B. Parker's Bull River. Then I have many reviews to write up on books, Blu-ray/DVDs and a few products for this blog.

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