Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Get Your Hard Copies Digitized

It is well into the new millennium, and you are still dealing with paper. Back in the 1980s, everyone was talking about the paperless office and how trees would live long, natural lives instead of being chopped down and used for reams of printer paper. That hasn’t happened, and by the looks of things, it never will. However, if you have ever tried to find something in your paper archives, you know how hard a search can be. Digitization services can help make that search much easier than you have ever imagined.

Meta Tags

Paper doesn’t come with meta tags, which may mean that looking for something in the hard copy world is difficult. If you need blue prints for the Eco-Police Station built in 2009, you may need to look under “eco,” “police,” or “2009.” It may even be filed somewhere else depending on who was doing the filing. Get those same blue prints digitized and tagged with descriptors, and you could find it in a snap with the right digital asset management program. Even if you cannot afford that type of program, Microsoft’s start up system has a search engine that can help you find what you are looking for.

Meta Tags Paper Size

You could try scanning in all of the items yourself, or you could con some poor college intern into to doing the scanning, but depending on the paper size, you may not have the equipment to get everything scanned. A student may put one or more pieces of smaller papers on the same scan and then not tag it correctly. The larger pieces that do not fit in the scan may get folded and sectionalized or just ignored.

Digitization services, however, are equipped to handle every situation. They are the ones who want to do the work and know how to get it done right. Plus, they have the right equipment and knowledge of how digital asset management systems work. Getting your paper archives digitized and making them searchable is important, and if you work someplace cool that can put those items online, you might just find another revenue stream.

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