Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Top Ten Things I Would Do If I Could Astral Project: Katie Hayoz

If superpowers existed, there are so many things I’d love to be able to do: fly instead of walk, clean my apartment just by thinking about it, shape-shift into some gorgeous model or some giant beast, know what number s to pick to win the lottery…

I also think it would be awesome to astral project – to send my soul outside of my body and travel invisibly anywhere in the world, anywhere in the universe.

Unlike superpowers, astral projection and out-of-body experiences have been said to exist. I myself accidentally projected once falling down my basement stairs (you can read about that here). It was enough to spark a twenty year obsession with this particular aspect of the paranormal. And the end result of that obsession is my novel Untethered.

In Untethered, Sylvie sees her ability to astral project as a curse. But for today, let’s see it as a superpower. Something fun and fabulous and not freaky or forbidding. So if I could astral project and go anywhere? Do anything? What would I do?

Here’s my list:

1. Wrap my astral body around Robert Downey Junior’s bar of soap. (That is, if I weren’t married. Ahem.)
2. Surf volcanic lava.
3. Ride a shark.
4. Plant a flag on Mars saying Martians Exist and We’re Coming to Get You just to freak everyone in the space program out.
5. Promote world peace. I’d whisper plans to do away with war and poverty and environmental harm into the ears of powerful politicians. Or, if that didn’t work I’d –
6. –Listen in for their nasty political secrets and use that knowledge to try to force those guys to do some good.
7. Search for alien life in different galaxies.
8. Play a ghost on Halloween and scare the pants off of people.
9. Cuddle up with a real polar bear.
10. Eavesdrop on the Amazon team and finally figure out those stinking algorithms!

What would YOU do?

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Katie Hayoz
Genre: YA Paranormal
ISBN-10: 0988997479
ISBN-13: 978-0988997479
Number of pages: 350
Word Count: 85,000
Cover Artist: Nathalia Suellen

Book Description: 

Sixteen-year-old Sylvie isn’t comfortable in her own skin. In fact, there are times she can’t even manage to stay inside it. But if there is one thing she’s sure of, it’s her love for Kevin Phillips. She’s willing to stake everything on it –her family, her friends, and possibly her soul.

Sylvie has been best friends with Cassie forever. But everything is turned around when the boy Sylvie’s loved since fifth grade falls for Cassie. Devastated, Sylvie intends to get Kevin by any means possible, even if it involves treachery, deceit, and the dark side of astral projection. She is positive her plans will give her what she wants, but she doesn’t count on it all spiraling out of control.

Finalist in the Mslexia novel competition, Untethered by Katie Hayoz explores the intoxicating and dangerous world of jealousy and obsession when coupled with paranormal ability. It is a touching, sometimes funny, sometimes heart-breaking novel that speaks to the self-doubt lurking in us all.

About the Author: 

Katie Hayoz was born in Racine, WI, the youngest of six kids. Originally, she wanted to become pope (for the awesome hat and fancy robes), but quickly realized reading was her true religion. Writing was always a hobby, but she decided to go at it seriously when she ended up in Geneva, Switzerland. Now she's constantly at her laptop in the small apartment she shares with her husband, two daughters, and two fuzzy cats. She devours YA novels like she does popcorn and black licorice: quickly and in large quantities.


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