Friday, 22 November 2013

The Thanksgiving Cleaning Blues

My week has been filled with me cleaning the house, you know things you don't normally clean except for once a year near Thanksgiving, and of course I've been rearranging and reorganizing things, but I am beyond finished, probably won't be done until Thanksgiving. Plus, I'm trying my best to get all my reviews/posts written for next week and for the Holiday Gift Guide, though there are a few books I still need to read before I can write a review for them.

With a busy schedule I don't have time to get sick, but that is exactly what happened to me. I had a dry throat last night and today I have a severe sore throat, a slight cough, sinuses and a headache. I have a feeling I will be feeling even worse tomorrow, but I'm determined to clean out the fish aquarium, move the entertainment system to the left slightly, dust and a million other things I don't want to do, but I want things to look nice for Thanksgiving.

Plus, I have to go shopping at Walmart (again). Typically, I would rather go early in the mornings, as I don't care for large crowds, though I am planning on going to the Black Friday sale on Thursday night. My new electric razor is great, but I do want to get some disposable razors, as I don't always remember to charge the electric razor. I noticed the department stores have been getting in Shaving kits containing a razor, disposable blades and shaving cream. A few of the kits are cheap and others are a little out of my price range.

I think I should wrap up this post up now as the pot of coffee has finished brewing and I'm hoping it will sooth my sore throat long enough for me to get a few posts written tonight.

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