Thursday, 21 November 2013

Review - Path of the Templar by W.C. Peever

On a rare occasion I get a random book in the mail, a book I don't remember signing up to review. I never get upset over this, as I do love getting a new book in the mail, but when I have other books I already agreed to review, those random books get shoved aside. Which is exactly what happen to the book Path of the Templar by W.C. Peever, book two of The Jumper Chronicles. No, I don't recall agreeing to review it, nor do I remember reading the first book. Therefore the book has been collecting dust for eleven months that is until I picked it up a few days ago.

From my understanding the first book, The Quest for Merlin's Map, was about a boy named Charlie and his three friends - Bailey, Tillie and Mick, whom stumble upon a map that was created by Merlin! The second book brings the readers back to the twelve-year-old Charlie and his three friends, just as they are ending their school year. They are all eagerly excited about the summer vacation, but none of them were prepared to go on a quest to find the lost Babel Stones that will help decode Merlin's map!

With an ancient compass that won't point north, Charlie and his friends venture down a treacherous tunnel where dangers are at every corner. From dog eating-trolls to motorcycling-riding dwarves, Charlie and company will go on an adventure of a lifetime.

The Path of the Templar is a blend of Harry Potter & The Goonies, which isn't a bad thing. The author does a wonderful job creating likeable characters and an intriguing plot with twists & turns around ever page. Both kids and adults will like reading about Charlie and his pals. Overall, Path of the Templar is one of the better new children's books out on the market today and I recommend it to everyone.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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