Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday Morning Madness #33: It's Too Hot For November!

This is November and I currently have a fan circulating, though I think the news channels mention something about flurries later in the week. When the weather suddenly goes a bit wacky (cold to warm or vise versa), it causes my allergies to go even wackier, resulting in me being sick for the most part of yesterday! I didn't get very much writing done as I would have wanted to, but I did get a few Holiday Gift Guide posts finished.

I use to have a Great Finds weekly post, where I listed my book finds that I found at a local thrift store, but I've been cutting back on buying books, only buying the ones that truly interest me. Over the weekend, I bought three books by author Meg Cabot. She wrote the Princess Diaries books, Avalon High and a couple of vampire novels (I forgot the names, but I did read the first one).

The books I picked up by her are:

Queen of Babble
Queen of Babble: In The Big City
Being Nickki

Yes, I know they are aimed for a female audience, but I like the author's style of writing. Plus, I'm also a writer, therefore I love reading books from about any genre. I bought the three hardbacks for a dollar each, which wasn't bad since they look brand new.

For those who keep up with my Monday posts, you know that I have been buying a lot of Christmas music lately. I bought Elvis Inspirational at a thrift store for a dollar, practically brand new featuring twenty songs. I don't care to listen to Christian music, but I do like old-fashioned Inspirational music.

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