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Popular Disney Halloween Costumes 2013 for Boys and Girls

What kid doesn't like to dress up as a Disney-themed character during Halloween? From princesses to cowboys to superheroes and spacemen, there's no limit to the imaginative costumes kids can put together to embody their favorite movie characters during the most mischievous, candy-filled night of the year. Here are a few of the most popular Disney Halloween costumes for 2013:

For Boys

Captain Hook

Although pirates are no longer the swash-buckling characters they once were, they live on in cartoonish infamy with characters from films like Peter Pan and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. So it's no surprise one of the most popular costumes in the Disney Store is the Captain Hook costume, with its maroon-colored shirt and hat, plastic sword and prosthetic hook – and of course, the gold-adorned boots.


Who doesn't love Toy Story and its gun-totin' protagonist, Woody? For younger children, it's hard to find a cooler character than Woody: he hangs out with Mr. Potato Head AND international spacemen, and gets to wear an awesome costume with a bandana and a fancy weapon belt. Pair it with a HobbyTron model gun, and you've got a dag'gone good costume, if we say so ourselves.

For Girls and Boys

Cars Pit Crew

For the family with a number of youngsters, here's a great idea: grab three or four of these pit crew costumes, and dress yourselves up as silly-looking cars: not only does it allow the kids to “fix” their parents when the car “breaks down” driving around, it encourages kids to work together like a pit team would, turning a hectic night of candy-hunting into a … well, a slightly-more organized and friendly hectic night of candy-hunting.

For Girls


Merida is not the typical “Disney princess”: for starters, she walks around with a kick-ass bow (also available in the Disney Store) and a talent to use it that parallels anybody else's in the world - not to mention a serious set of red curls upon her forehead). She's adventurous, passionate, and clever – making it a perfect costume not only for Halloween, but for weekend days spent playing make believe in the backyard (don't be afraid to join in on that kind of fun, parents!).

Minnie Mouse

Our next selection is for the real little ones: keeping a costume simple with toddlers is important in the modern day and age of costumes full of removable and/or chewable pieces, or easy-to-lose accessories leading to grumpy end-of-the-night walks or drives home after they inexplicably disappear (as they always do). For the smallest Disney and Club Penguin lovers, the Minnie Mouse costume is an adorable, simple option, with just the right amount of polka dots and frills to embarrass kids when they look at pictures of them years later. Plus, who doesn't love a toddler in polka-dot bowties and mouse ears?

For Adults

Wicked Witch of the West

There are only 300 of these costumes available for sale at the Disney Store – so if this is up your alley, head over and shop now. Inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful, this meticulously designed costume is a head-turning option for adults headed to a classy, spooky evening on the town on October 31st this year. It even comes with an iconic Wicked Witch of the West hat – all you need to do is start working on a devastating cackle.

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