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Bloody Mary by Drac Von Stoller

Halloween finally arrived and it was Mary's sixteenth birthday. Mary's parent's finally decided she was old enough to have a sleep over at their house. But she was only allowed to have two of her best friends spend the night after the party. Mary called Kathy and Kim to see if they would stay and have a sleep over at her house. Kathy and Kim both agreed and said that they would have a great time together being that they were all best of friends. Mary hung up the phone and said "This is the best day of my life. I'm going to turn sixteen today and I finally get to date boys."

Her party didn't start until 6pm and she was already planning fun things for her and her two best friends to do after the party.

Mary's mom said "Mary, its 6 o'clock and time to start the party."

Mary greeted her friends at the door as they came in with their presents in hand and sat them on the kitchen table.

Finally, Kathy and Kim showed up and placed Mary's presents on the table. Mary thanked everyone for coming to her party. Then Mary blew out the candles on her birthday cake as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

The party was finally over and Mary and her two friends Kathy and Kim were ready to play some games, and spend some quality time together.

As the night wore on Mary said "It's midnight and since its Halloween why don't we go in the bathroom and turn off the light and play "Bloody Mary.”

Kim said "That sounds like more fun than playing board games all night."

Kathy replied "Nothing ever happens when people play the Bloody Mary game, but since were all three going to play why not, it's Halloween and what a perfect time to play Bloody Mary."

Mary, Kathy and Kim went inside the bathroom and closed the door and turned out the light.

Mary said "Instead of one person saying I hate you Bloody Mary three times. Why don't we all say it together?"

Everyone agreed and they all stood in front of the mirror and said "Bloody Mary" three times, but nothing happened. Kathy said "This is a stupid legend that isn't even true." Then all of a sudden a bright red Illumine Essence color was shining through the mirror. Mary and her friends were starting to get a little scared.

Kim chimed in and said "I think we need to leave this room immediately."

Mary, Kim and Kathy ran to the door and as Mary put her hand on the door there stood behind them was none other than Bloody Mary herself.

The girls started screaming and trying to open the door, but it was locked.

Bloody Mary replied "I think you girls said you hate me over and over and also said I'm nothing but a stupid legend. So I think it's time to show you all that the legend is true."

Then as the girls were screaming bloody murder, Bloody Mary scratched each one of their eyes out then vanished back into the mirror.

When Mary's parent's rushed into Mary's room to see what the girls were screaming about they feared the worst. Mary's mother and father looked under the beds and in the closet then cautiously approached the bathroom door.

Mary's father said "Honey stay behind me while I open the door." He turned the knob, but the door was locked. Mary's father told his wife to step back because he was going to kick open the door. She stood back and with one hard kick the door flung wide open. The bathroom light was flickering on and off. Mary's mother started screaming uncontrollably and Mary's father rushed over to check and see if the girls were alive, but they were all dead. Mary's father said to his wife as he was weeping. "Oh! My God!! Their eyes are gone,"

His wife replied "What happened to them?"

"I don't know? I'm not sure if we'll ever know what happened after midnight on Halloween night in this bathroom." exclaimed her husband.

The moral of the story is if you ever decide to test out an Urban Legend you better darn well know the consequences behind the legend or you might just end up like these poor girls did on Halloween night dead.

Copyright 2012 by Drac Von Stoller

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