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Monday, August 19

Review: Lilith by Ashely Jeffery

In this YA paranormal thriller, Pacey O'Brien's high school years haven't been easy thanks to her ex-friend, now enemy, Lexie Vega, aka the most popular girl in school, who also likes to get her hands on every new guy, including the new student, Dean Charleston. No matter what evil scheme Lexie has up her sleeves, Pacey can always rely on her Bad Girls Club lead by Rhiannon, which the club's main goal is take down the one and only Lexie Vega.

Pacey had no intention of getting herself a boyfriend, but it seems she is falling in love with Dean, who is finally getting over his ex-girlfriend. Life seemed to be going on the right path for her, and then strange things happen to her. Someone or something doesn't want Pacey to date Dean and whoever it is will kill to get them apart!

In a literary world over-ruled by Twilight, it is nice to see a young adult supernatural novel with an original plot; in this case it happens to be the mirror/body jumping demon Lilith. With a memorizing cover, I was eagerly looking forward to reading it. Maybe it is become I'm a male, but I couldn't connect with main character, Pacey, for the first half, which I felt was more in line with a Sweet Valley High novel than a supernatural one. I became interested in the plot when the strange things happen and when Pacey started to realize what was actually happening to her. The second half felt more like a 80s horror movie. A demon hopping around through mirrors has been done before, but the author uses it effectually to help enhance the fearfulness of Lilith. The second half felt more like a 80s horror movie; it even has a cliffhanger ending for a potential sequel, in which I hope the author switches the point-of-view to one of Pacey's friends or even her boyfriend, Dean.

Honestly, I thought about closing the book midway thru, but I gave it another chance and I ended it up liking the latter half; it even made up for the slow start. Overall, Lilith is an interesting start to a new series; just when I was hooked into the plot; it ended with a clever cliffhanger, leaving me wanting to read more. I do recommend other supernatural and paranormal readers to read the Lilith.



  1. I really don't have a favorite paranormal/supernatural novel right now. I like to read a variety of books.

  2. I suggest you read another Lilith, the one by George MacDonald! great book, very very interesting


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