Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Elements of Beautiful Yard Landscaping

When you are doing yard landscaping, you can think of yourself as an artist. Your medium is all of the elements that you can use to create a beautiful landscape. The elements might be water features, soil, rocks, grass, trees, plants, shrubs, flowers, pathways, gazebos, furniture, wind features, and many other things. The elements you choose and the way they are used depends on the yard you are working with, your budget, and your imagination.

Water and Soil

Water features can be pools, ponds, lakes, waterfalls, streams, and fountains. These elements can be very small or very large. Most of them will require a pump to circulate the water to keep it from getting stagnant and smelly. Some water features include live fish and water plants that have to be monitored and kept healthy. A pool for swimming gets a little more complicated and will need to be maintained on a daily basis to keep it clean and healthy for swimmers. Soil is the foundation for most landscapes and should be conducive to growing healthy grass, trees, and plants. If the soil you are working with is lacking in the proper nutrients, you may have to add them into the soil before you begin putting things on top of or into it. A local nursery may have the ability to conduct soil tests, but it they don’t, contact another local entity that specializes in soil testing.

Rocks and Outdoor Living Spaces

Rocks or gravel can be used for pathways in your yard landscaping and in areas that you don’t want weeds to grow through. You can use rough rocks, river rocks, lava rocks, or pebbles in, around, and among your landscape. If you live in an arid place, you might want more rocks than plants to conserve your water usage. Outdoor living spaces are very popular and can be added as your budget allows if you don’t start off with one. They can be covered or open. They might have a sitting area with a television for movies and games as well as an area for barbequing. How you put all of these elements and more together will be influenced by your location, space, and budget, as well as the vision you have for what you want and what you need.

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