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Review - The Man of Steel: Superman and the Poisoned Planet

The Man of Steel: Superman and the Poisoned Planet
By: Matthew K. Mannin
Illustrator: Mike Cavallaro
Publisher: Stone Arch Books
Pub. Date: January 1, 2013
ISBN: 978-1434242242
Pages: 88


Superman will be returning to the skies this summer in the highly anticipated reboot Man of Steel. Before then, kids can read about the flying hero in the new chapter book from Stone Arch Books, which I received a free copy of The Man of Steel: Superman and the Poisoned Planet in exchange for my honest review.

Even though I didn't grow up reading comic books, I was aware of whom Superman was through the Christopher Reeve's movies. I missed out on the Superman animated series, but I did watch the underrated Superman Returns. The advertisements for the Man of Steel look interesting, so I was looking forward to reading Superman and the Poisoned Planet.

The plot involves Batman's enemy, Poison Ivy, discovering a rare glowing vine made from Kryptonite. Superman captures Parasite and returns to the Daily News to resume his identity as Clark Kent. But he is in for a big surprise as Poison Ivy and her goons have taken the newspaper office hostage. She is demanding the Daily News to print their newspapers on recycled paper to help save the environment.

Clark sneaks away, so he can once again save the day as Superman, but there is another surprise in store for him, the Kryptonite vine has been unleashed throughout the building. The vine causes Superman to become weak, therefore he must use his other powers (like melting doorknobs with his eyes) and his wits to out think Poison Ivy.

The Man of Steel: Superman and the Poisoned Planet is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure for kids with clever, comic book style illustrations throughout. I was a bit surprised to see the Man of Steel battling a Batman villain instead of Lex Luther or another Superman baddie. The dialogue is a bit juvenile at times, but I guess it is to help keep the kids' turning the pages. There are a few discussion questions, writing prompts, and a glossary, which I thought was odd for a superhero book, but I'm sure parents will like the idea of these. Overall, I enjoyed reading this short adventure tale and I recommend to others.


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  1. I just showed this review to my 9 year old! He can't wait for the movie or to read this book! Thanks for linking to Cym's Party.


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