Monday, 6 May 2013

Monday Morning Madness #16: There Was Snow in May!

Yes, I slept in late today, but, no, I didn't forget about this post. I originally intended to write this post earlier today, but I got sidetrack by a book I'm reading. Plus, I've been watching the 1960's series Gidget on DVD. I'll be writing a review on it soon.

There was snow on the ground here in the mid-west at the end of last week, though all of it has now melted. This is first time in my life that it has snowed during the month of May. Does that mean there is going to be some wacky weather during the summer? The snow didn't do any harm to the grass, as I'll probably be mowing the yard tomorrow.

I noticed while watching Gidget the series that actors smoked a lot back then. I guess people didn't know the harmful effects of tobacco like they do today, which is probably the reason for the lack of smoking in modern day television and movies. I made the decision years ago to never use tobacco, mostly because I remember my grandfather's death when I was thirteen-years-old. He was addicted to smoking as well as alcohol, which was main factor in his death. I have other family members who smoke or chew tobacco, which is not healthy for you at all and can only do harm to a person. There are nicotine patches and gums on the market that are suppose to help people, but I think overtime those can become addictive too.

Have you ever heard of E-Cigs? It stands for electronic cigarettes and is sold at places like Nirvana420, which do not contain any actual tobacco or smoke, but they are meant to replace real cigarettes and are not addictive. E-Cigs come in a wide variety of different flavors. I bet over time E-Cigs can help a person quit smoking all together.

Well, its getting late and I should get this post actually posted. Maybe next week's post written in the morning.

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