Sunday, 7 April 2013

My Revolt Journey Week 5

The fifth week of Revolt with Nichole Huntsman went extremely fast consisting of new routines with Bulgarian split squats, thrusters, push-ups, butt kicks, and many other workouts. I was supposed to place paper towels under my feet for the pike-ups, but that didn't work as I have carpet floors, so I used two small paper plates instead.

After having lower-back pains for a few weeks, I was pain free for week five of Revolt, but I had a wisdom tooth that wanted to act up (and it is still causing some pain). I've been adding other workouts (yoga, stretching, cardio, and kickboxing, to my daily routines, except for today (Sunday) which is my much needed rest day.

My diet has been better this week with more salads, a little fruit, no sweets, mushroom omelets, and baked chicken breast. Once the weather gets a little warmer in a few weeks, I'll start using the outside grill for cooking most of my meals.

I haven't tried on a smaller size pants yet, but the ones I'm wearing are getting baggy. My goals this week are to exercise everyday and watch what I eat.

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