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Monday, April 29

Monday Morning Madness #15: What To Do When You Are Bored?

Yes, once again, I'm posting my weekly morning post at almost midnight. Why? Well, I must admit that I slept in until after 10 A.M… No, I'm not sick, I didn't turn in until nearly four in the morning because I was playing an old NFL Playstation 2 game (Yes, I know I'm a little behind in technology.). I have tons of PS2 games, but I haven't turned the thing on in over a year. And when I do play a game, I play for hours at a time. Why do I play for so long? I guess I'm just bored or something.

I have a habit of drinking coffee around midnight. Normally, it is because I'm doing some last minute writing, like tonight. Actually, because of my gaming, I'm now behind in a few reviews and other things, though, I did manage to get one new review posted today, which was kind of a difficult thing to do with Blogger being so slow lately.

Does anybody watch the creepy Bates Motel? The series is getting better with every episode, but too bad there are only ten episodes per season.

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