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Steps For Video Conversion Made Easy

There are many different video file formats, and each format is useful for something. MP4 videos work with the iPhone, WMV videos work best on Windows computers and DivX is often used when ripping a DVD. Since there are so many different file formats, it’s very common for users to have a movie that isn’t the right format for their needs. There are many different ways to convert a movie file from one format to another. You will need a video converting program for this to work. There are many free versions online, and most computers have software with some basic conversion tools.

Find Software 
Most computers come with a basic video editor that can convert videos. While the conversion process is usually limited, the editor might have the exact features that you need. If you have an Apple computer, then try using iMovie. If you have a Windows computer, then try using Windows MovieMaker.

If neither of these programs have the format that you need, then you will need to look online for video converting software. It’s best to search for the format you need. For example, if you want to turn an AVI file into an MP4, then go to your favorite search engine and search, “convert AVI to MP4.” You should find a listing for a good program near the top of the search engine.

There are both free and paid programs. Free programs will usually have no problem converting your video, but they tend to have restrictions because the developer wants you to buy the full version. The video might have a watermark, the sound may be muted or the video will be cut into sections. If you want to avoid these problems, then it’s usually best to get a paid program. Most of these programs are about $20 to $30, and they can be worth the money if you need to convert many video files.

Import the Video 
Open your preferred video editing or converting program and import the video that you want to convert. The importing process differs for each program, but it should be fairly easy to do. One of the most common ways to important a video is to open the file. You can do this by clicking “File” and then “Open.” Some programs have an import listing that you will find under the “File” heading.

The last way to import the video is to drag the file into the program. If you try these methods in order, then you should easily find the one that works. Some programs can only work with certain file types. For example, iMovie can work with MOV and MP4 files, but not WMV videos. If this is the case, then you will need another video converting program.

Convert the Video 
The last step is to convert the video. Just like with the above step, there are many ways to do this. If you are using a program that is specifically for converting, then there will usually be a drop-down list that will allow you to select the video format that you want. If you are using a video editing program, then go to “File” and then either “Save As” or “Export.”

If you are using a more advanced program with many options, then there might be a certain window or tab that contains the conversion feature. Look for this feature, or read the user’s guide to see how to do this. The feature will normally be clearly named so that you can easily find it.

All you need to do now is quickly open the converted file to ensure that it properly works. If the video has any problems, then try converting it again to see if that corrects the issue. Most programs have troubleshooting steps that will help you fix any playback problems.

Converting a video from one format to another is very easy. You just need the right program for the job, and you need to know how to use it. While most video converters have different interfaces, they all tend to work the same. If you follow these steps, then you should be able to convert the video within a few minutes.

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Flynn Star is a video and music blogger who uses the online video converter from KoyoteSoft.com when creating videos and sharing them online.

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