Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday Morning Madness #2: What's the Point of New Year's Resolutions?

A new year means that you want a new start at life. Right? People have dreams of getting a new job, going back to college, spending more time with family, finally quitting that smoking habit, finding love, or starting a new hobby. Or maybe you want to lose weight so you never have to become a contestant on The Biggest Loser and you can avoid be yelled at by Jillian Michaels.

Originally, I meant to have the New Year's Resolution theme as my first Monday Morning Madness post, but due to my half-sister making contact with me, I put it off until today. I wonder why people put off making life changes until the first of the year. Is it because you are lazy? Are you a master procraster?

One of the most used resolution is fitness/ losing weight, which is enforced by the department stores' exercise equipment sales and shoved down our throats by the media. Yes, obesity is a major issue, which we can blame that on the soda companies, junk food companies, the fast food joints, and the outdated physical education programs in the public schools. Of course, making healthy eating choices and making sure to stay active is a personal decision, only we are to blame, not counting the few that have health problems that prevent them from losing weight.

For the last few years, my New Year's Resolution has been to lose weight and get into Spartacus shape. Lets just say that it is easier said that done. I end up falling off my diet and gaining more unwanted pounds. There have been a few times when I actually did lose a lot of weight, but I normally quit by March. The major problem for me is that I want to lose the weight right then and when I don't see fast results, I give up.

I decided back in November that I would start exercising a few days of week, hoping to avoid gaining any weight from Thanksgiving. I contacted a few fitness program companies and two of them agreed to send me their products to review, leading me to exercise six days a week. I have managed to drop twelve pounds so far. This is not my New Year's Resolution as this is just a lifestyle change. Resolutions should be a personal choice, not a media fad.

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