Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Review - Every Perfect Gift

Every Perfect Gift
A Hickory Ridge Romance
By: Dorothy Love
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pub. Date: December 4, 2012
ISBN: 978-1595549020
Pages: 320


I missed out reading the first book in A Hickory Ridge Romance series, but I did read the second book, Beauty for Ashes, which wasn't my kind of read. Why did I agree to review Every Perfect Gift courtesy of Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review? Actually, I didn't realize that the book was part of the series. I've been in a Christmas mood and the beautiful cover reminded me of the holidays. That being said, I eagerly signed up to review it.

Set in 1886, Sophie Caldwell returns to Hickory Ridge, Tennessee, where she grew up in an orphanage. She never knew who her parents were and her slightly dark complication made her an easy target of bullying from other children at the orphanage. Luckily, she was adopted by a loving couple, Wyatt and Ada Caldwell, and moved to Texas, but she has returned to Hickory Ridge to start a new life and maybe find some resolution to her past.

Sophie has a talent for writing and becomes the new owner of the local Gazette. Her first interview is with Ethan Heyward, a successful businessman and architect, who has a built a majestic restore up in the mountains of Hickory Ridge. He is shocked at first that the new editor of the Gazette is a woman, but after a few minutes into the interview, he is memorized by Sophie. She is attracted to him too, but doesn't want to get close to because of her fear of rejection. A romance does blossom, but both their past mistakes return to haunt them.

After I received the book in the mail and I noticed it was a sequel to Beauty for Ashes, I was hesitant to read it at first, but once I read the first chapter I was hooked. The two main characters, Sophie and Ethan, aren't perfect as they both have pasts that they wished didn't exist. I recognized one returning character from book two, Cary Daly, even though I didn't care much for the second installment, it was still nice to revisit the character. Despite the book's cover having a winter look, there isn't much of a holiday theme, as the first chapter starts out in April and the last chapter ends on Christmas Eve. That being said, I still ended up liking Every Perfect as it has a well written plot, likeable characters, and great dialogue.

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  1. While breezing through my RSS reader, I have to admit that it was the cover of this one that caut my eye, but your review won me over. I added it to my TBR. It looks like a lovely story and I love the holiday setting.


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