Thursday, 25 October 2012

Review: Tombstones: The Last Drop

During the late 1980s to the middle 1990s, the horror genre was very popular in the middle grade and young adult market, many thanks to Point Horror, but there where other publishers that released horror books as well. Archway Paperbacks tried to release a new series titled "Tombstones", but only two books were brought out in 1995.

Jared Irving is determined to find out if the Full Moon Enterprises is dumping toxins into the local streams in Tombstones: The Last Drop. The Full Moon Enterprises is breaking federal laws by using deadly chemicals, but the town people seem to ignore it, or they just don't want to believe it as the company has brought in many new jobs for the area.

While getting samples at a nearby stream, Jared meets a creature of the night and it will be the last thing that he will ever see.

After received no contact from Jared, Lindsay, Marissa, and Ben go into the forest near Full Moon Enterprises looking for any sign of their friend. They run into security guards and a very strange reporter, causing their search to come to an end, but Marissa gets a nasty bite.

It seems to be that the Full Moon owner may in fact be a bloodsucking vampire!

The book cover doesn't exactly match the plot of Tombstones: The Last Drop that concentrates a little too much on the environmental issue. Yes, Full Moon is a nasty company that is releasing toxins (or is it?) into the environment, which is totally wrong for any company to do. In reality you would think the teens would take their story to the press or YouTube, but this was written back in 1995 where they had little options, but to investigate Full Moon themselves. The horror element is a little light in this second and final book in the series, but I still liked it. At least the vampire in The Last Drops doesn't glitter.

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