Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Guest Post with author J.D. Gordon

This may sound terrible because every other writer seems to come up with all of these  interesting people or situations which inspired them to write. That’s not really the case where I’m concerned. I just enjoy writing, simple as that. Although some stories may be inspired by certain situations in my life there is no one specific thing or person to mention.

I never even thought I'd ever be a writer. I tripped into the business, literally. I fell off of a train on the way to visit my future in laws. I broke my knee and ended up needing surgery and quite a few months healing up. At the time I was a professional firefighter. A broken knee in the fire service isn't going cut it.

While visiting the my peers at the firehouse they asked me what I was going to do with all of my time away, besides physical therapy and stuff like that. Though prior to that I never even thought about writing, I was a very active reader. I'm not sure why but the words "I think I'll write a book popped from between my lips. My shift mates laughed their asses off. At the time the only writing in my life was the run reports I'd file after emergency calls. I wrote these in all capital letters and usually skipped on punctuation. I felt challenged. My wife drove my butt home, taught me how to use a word program and here we are, ten years and six books later.............

J.D. will be sending to one randomly drawn commenter an autographed copy of each book in his backlist, an autographed copy of a book his daughter wrote, a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card, and his/her name used for a character in the next book in the series. The tour dates can be found here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspot.com/2012/07/virtual-book-tour-field-of-screams-by.html

About the Author:

Firefighter and paramedic-turned-author Jimmy (J.D.) Gordon was born and raised in Chicago where he developed a taste for the finer things that the Windy City has to offer - pan pizza, live blues and the Cubs.  Jimmy dropped into the world of literature, literally. After falling off a train and breaking his knee Jimmy had to spend quite a bit of time recuperating. While visiting the firehouse his peers asked what he planned to with all that time away. This when Jimmy said the words that he now claims to have changed his life. "I should write a book."

Despite some skepticism from his peers ("You don't even use punctuation on your run reports!"), he completed a novel, Island Bound, and made it a point to use punctuation throughout.

Another injury, sustained on the job, ended his career in the fire service. Aside from writing Gordon spends his Spring and Summer as an umpire for high school and youth baseball. He now lives with his wife and children in Glen Ellyn IL, a suburb of Chicago.



  1. I enjoyed the post, thank you.

  2. Have you ever read Josephine Tey's THE DAUGHTER OF TIME? The hero is a cop who trips in pursuit of a perp, and ends up laid up for weeks with a broken leg (who uses his spare time to read and ends up solving a Tudor-era mystery). Your mishap made me think of that. Anyway, the book looks good!


  3. I am sorry about your injury, but it had a great result. Your writing! I would love to read some of your books, and I would love to have my name used in one.


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