Friday, 17 August 2012

Review - Geekomancy

By Michael R. Underwood
Publisher: Pocket Star
Pub Date: July 10, 2012
Pages: 284

Rhiannon Anna Marta Reyes (or as everyone calls her - Ree), works at the Cafe Xombi (a cross between a coffee shop and a comic store) during the day and at night she is working on her unproduced screenplays. She is not your typical girl-next-door as she fits in as one of the geeks. She likes Firefly, Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes and all the Geeky trends out there.

Her life is average until a tall stranger enters her life. He calls himself Eastwood and she witnesses him killing a troll in the alley. Yep, a real live troll. Eastwood informs her of several teenagers that have been murdered and asks for her help in finding the supernatural killer/killers.

Does she agree to help him? Of course she does! Every geek dreams of being a superhero or a demon hunter, and now Rees gets to become one.

Being somewhat of a Geek myself, I enjoyed every bit of Geekomancy. The author did a wonderful job adding a variety of different television shows and pop culture references, such as Firefly, Batman, Star Wars, Community, Lie to Me, and even Sherlock Holmes. I saw a lot myself in the character Ree as she is an aspiring writer that likes anything geeky. I'm a Clint Eastwood fan so I loved the character named Eastwood. Geekomancy is an original, smart supernatural tale that never lets the plot become too dark or graphic, like the majority of other books on the market. I read the book straight through as I could not put it down. I recommend the book to supernatural fans or any reader that has a geeky side.

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  1. What a great review! It sounds like a fun book, and it's now been added to my TBR :)


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