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Review: The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

Ethan Chase lives a life full of fear. His sister, Meghan Chase, is now the Iron Queen, and he is about to start classes at a new school, in which he dreads. You see, just like his sister, he can see Faeries and if these creatures find out that he can see him, then his life would be over.

He keeps to himself as he doesn't want to attract attention, but a teenage girl, Kenzie St. James, takes an interest in him, despite his resistance. Then he meets another schoolmate, Todd Wyndham, who he recognizes is a half-faerie. Todd thinks someone or something is after him.

Mysterious ghost like faeries appear and soon Todd disappears without a trace. Todd's parents and the police have no clue where the boy could have gone, but Ethan knows what happened to him. Those ghostly faeries took him and the faeries now have eyes on Ethan.

With no other choice, Ethan uses the magical token that his sister left behind and he, along with Kenzie - who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, are transported to Nevernever, the land of the of the Feys.

Final Thoughts

As soon as I saw the The Lost Prince up on NetGalley and I had to sign up to review it. I own the four original Fey books, but I have never gotten around to reading them yet. The Lost Prince is a spin-off and book one of the Call of the Forgotten series. Even though I have not read the other books, I easily picked up on what was going on. The main character is Meghan's younger brother, Ethan, who struggles to live with his own gift, but when a friend is in jeopardy, he must travel back to Nevernever, the land that his sister is now Queen of. There is some romance thrown into the story between Ethan and the school reporter Kenzie. Along for the adventure is his nephew Keirran, who helps them journey to Central Park in New York to find the secret forgotten world. The Lost Prince has it all, mystery, fantasy, adventure and romance! I enjoyed reading every bit and I'm looking forward to book two next year. Until then I'm going to have to drag out the original books and read them!

About the Author:

Born in Sacramento, CA, Julie Kagawa moved to Hawaii at the age of nine. There she learned many things; how to bodyboard, that teachers scream when you put centipedes in their desks, and that writing stories in math class is a great way to kill time. Her teachers were glad to see her graduate.

Julie now lives is Louisville, KY with her husband and furkids. She is the international and NYT bestselling author of The Iron Fey series. Visit her at



  1. I've got this one as an ARC, too - I was wondering if I should read the others first!

  2. @Rachel Cotterill

    You don't have to as you'll be able to figure out what is going on, but if you want to go ahead and read the the original books.

  3. A big thanks for letting me know this is part of a series. I like to start with book 1 and work my way through. It's a huge payday when I discover a series after several are already out. Thanks to your review I have discovered some "books to be read" for sure ;)

    The books premise reminds me a lot of Wicked Lovely:

    Happy Reading!


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