Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Review - Tales of the Not Forgotten

Tales of the Not Forgotten
Written by: Beth Guckenberger
Published by: Standard Publishing
ISBN: 78-0784735282
Pub Date: 2012
Pages: 208

I did not really know what Tales of the Not Forgotten was about when I signed up to review it courtesy of Liftuse and Standard Publishing. This is a non-fiction book about the lives of four orphans, Joel, Seraphina, Ibrahim, and Christiana, all from other countries - Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, and India. These young children are unlike any I have ever read about, as, for such a young age, they have so many unthinkable challenges thrown at them everyday.

The book is written for both children and adults to understand what these orphans go through and what we can do to help. The author and her husband go on missionaries to other countries, where they offer their help to those in need, from food to medical supplies.

Along with my copy of the book, I received a Leader’s Guide CD, containing activities, stories, biblical teaching, and more. Tales of the Not Forgotten should be a must read for children as it is a wonderful way for them to understand what missionaries are and how they can be part of one. The Leader’s Guide CD can come in handy if you are a youth leader or a Bible schoolteacher as the activities, stories, etc. are something you can share with your students.

I enjoyed reading the Tales of the Not Forgotten and I recommend it to all readers.

Tales of the Not Forgotten by Beth Guckenberger
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About the Author:

Beth and her husband, Todd, live with their family in Monterrey, Mexico, where they serve with Back2Back Ministries. They both graduated from Indiana University with degrees in education and between biological, foster, and adopted, are raising nine children.

Beth travels and speaks regularly at Women's and Missions conferences, Youth gatherings and church services. Her topics include, but are not limited to, orphan care, missions, parenting, marriage/intimacy, and general faith. Her style is story-telling and she draws from her field experience as a missionary and parent of nine children for illustrations to biblical concepts.

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