Sunday, 22 July 2012

Review - The Sweet Life #3: Too Many Doubts

Sweet Valley Confidential: The Sweet Life #3 : Too Many Doubts
By: Francine Pascal
Published by: St. Martin’s Griffin
Pub Date: July 22, 2012
Pages: 92

    After finding out where his accuser, Robin, lived, and in a drunken rage, Bruce Patman bangs upon the accusers house demanding answers. What he gets is a night in jail. The media goes berserk with it, forcing Bruce to step down as president of his company's board. Worst yet, he may have lost his only love, Elizabeth Wakefield.

    Elizabeth is going through an emotional rollercoaster herself, as she wonders whether her boyfriend is a rapist. Surely, he did not attack this poor young woman, whom she is starting to believe is telling the truth. Could one of Bruce’s enemies, like Rick Warren, be behind this? On the other hand, does Bruce have a dark side?

    After the truth about her fling with Liam came out, Todd wants nothing to do with Jessica Wakefield, even though he still loves her. Jessica gave up her career for him, and now she wants revenge. She is not going to stay around the house and cry, so Jessica starts going out with the famous actor Liam. The cameras are flashing around him constantly, and she will show Todd that she can have a life without him.

    Lila Fowler Matthews has the perfect plan to win back her husband - she is pregnant.

    Meanwhile, Steven Wakefield and his partner, Aaron, have hired a nanny, Agneta, for their infant daughter, Emma. Agneta takes the spoiled Emma to the park, and just when she turned her back for a few seconds, Emma was gone. Someone kidnapped Emma!

    I thought there was suppose to be two e-books released a week in the new e-serial, but I guess the plans have changed to releasing one e-book a week. Too Many Doubts is ten pages longer than part 2, but not too much happens, besides from the kidnapping, which is resolved by the end of part 3. Bruce’s life is continuing to be turned upside down, as he realized the Elizabeth helped hide his accuser. Jessica is trying to turn back into her high school self after losing her husband. Her ex-boss keeps demanding her to come back, but a part of her thinks there is still a chance that Todd might take her back, and she does not want her career interfering with that chance.  As for the whole Bruce plot, either he has a split personality or he has a twin. I guess I’ll have to wait for next week’s part to see what happens next.

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