Monday, 16 July 2012

Review - The Sweet Life #2 : Lies and Omissions

Sweet Valley Confidential: The Sweet Life #2 : Lies and Omissions
By: Francine Pascal
Published by: St. Martin’s Griffin
Pub Date: July 15, 2012
Pages: 82

 The lives of the Wakefield twins and their friends continue to unravel in book two of this six-part e-serial. The sexual accusations of Bruce Patman become public, causing a media outbreak for the multi-millionaire. Elizabeth has made contact with the accuser and helped her find a safe house. She thought Bruce was the love of her life, but the more she investigates the accusations, the more she starts to question his alibi.

    Meanwhile, Jessica is trying to help Bruce’s image by having female celebrities to say how nice Bruce is and how he would never harm anyone. Elizabeth’s actor friend, Liam, is still after Jessica, especially since she has separated from her husband, Todd. After a one-night mistake with Liam, Jessica realizes that she wants Todd back even if it means sacrificing her career.

    Lila Flower is having problems of her own as her football husband leaves her for her True Housewife enemy. Steve Wakefield is also dealing with some issues, as he does not agree with how his partner is raising their daughter.

    Lies and Omissions is about forty pages shorter than part one, but the Sweet Valley soap opera is becoming addicting as I read both parts in one day. I wonder if Bruce is lying or if someone is setting him up. I guess I will have to wait until July 22, when the next two parts will be released.

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