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13 Days of Halloween: Another Interview With A Vampire

Another Interview With A Vampire
By Rebeka Harrington

When developing characters; some authors create detailed character sheets, others use a loose outline and follow their ‘muse’. I use a combination of these, but the main method I use for creating my characters is; I talk to them. Like a crazy person, I sit in my office and talk to my characters. Ask them questions about their lives, reactions and feelings. Thankfully only my cat is witness to this lunacy, otherwise I’m sure I would have been locked up a long time ago.

I thought it appropriate, when Billy asked for a guest post in honor of October and Halloween, that I share with you my version of an “Interview With A Vampire”.

The vampire I’m interviewing is Bektamun. She is 3000 years old and narrator of “Vampires Revealed”.

RH: Hi Bektamun, thanks for agreeing to an interview. I hope you’re comfortable and not hungry at all.

B: It’s my pleasure Rebeka. No I’m not hungry, I fed earlier.

RH: 3000 years is a long time, why did you choose now to tell humans the truth about vampires?

B: I’ve been tempted to do so in the past, but it is only now there is such a prolific amount of non-information being touted, I could resist temptation no longer.

Humans believe vampires are undead, some sort of creature returned from the grave. Or worse still, we are soulless demons in league with the Devil. This is simply not true.

Humans have spread so many lies about vampires over the centuries that now it is accepted as fact. We sleep in coffins, are allergic to garlic, afraid of holy relics; all nonsense! Any human relying on myths to protect them is easy prey.

RH: How many vampires are there across the globe?

B: More than you realize and fewer than you think.

RH: That’s fairly ambiguous, could you be more specific.

B: No.

RH: Can you explain why not?

B: I may have a reputation for spilling secrets, but there are some secrets even I will not share. It would be breaking the law.

RH: Ah, okay. What has the reaction been from other vampires about you telling all their secrets?

B: Most vampires know humans wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked up and slapped them in the face, so they view my exposé as curious or amusing.

There were some death threats and the like from extremists, but nothing overly serious. For awhile I had to seek help from my children to offer protection to the humans on my staff.

RH: You have a human staff. Is that common among vampires?

B: Not at all. Many vampires use a human to act as an agent, take care of things during the day, but I’m the only vampire who has a permanent human staff who lives in my household.

RH: Do you ever feed from your staff?

B: No! That would be a betrayal of their trust and loyalty. I can’t believe you would even ask such a question. Honestly Rebeka I expected better from you.

RH: I’m sorry. How did you come to have a staff of humans in the first place?

B: That is quite a story and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading all about it when I finish writing my next book. All I can say for now is, it started with a chance encounter during the riots of the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in Paris.

RH: Does that mean you are planning to write more about your personal history? What about the history of other vampires?

B: As you already said, 3000 years is a long time. I have many stories to tell and I have much knowledge to share. Relating stories about other vampires depends on whether or not they will co-operate with me to do so. You will have to wait and see.

RH: Apart from hunting and feeding, what do you like to do for fun? Do vampires have fun?

B: Of course vampires have fun, enjoy pursuing pleasurable activities. I like reading and dancing. Reading offers an escape to an entirely different reality and sometimes the creatures portrayed are even more monstrous than me.

Dancing can be a tricky proposition around humans. If I totally let the music overtake me I may start moving like a vampire and shatter my façade of humanity. At home I can dance without worrying about frightening any humans.

RH: You live in Melbourne, Australia. What is that like compared to other places you have lived?

B: Melbourne has a very low murder-rate so I have to be particularly careful in my feeding habits. Because of this I need to feed from several people rather than draining one dry. In places like New York or South America, the combination of homeless people and the murder-rate means I don’t have to be so careful.

RH: Let’s wind this up with a bit of vox pop. Favorite color?

B: Red

RH: Favourite type of music or band?

B: Classical or hard rock

RH: Cash or credit?

B: Cash

RH: Love or lust?

B: Love

RH: If you could give one piece of advice to humans, what would it be?

B: Stay away from vampires.

About Rebeka Harrington:

Raised in country Victoria, Rebeka started her writing career working for the local newspaper as a teenager. While she decided not to pursue this as a career, she has always enjoyed writing and being creative

With so many varied interests and eclectic taste in most things, Rebeka enjoys incorporating all of them in her writing. She particularly enjoys writing about vampires.

Rebeka seeks to define and explain vampires in a way not done before. This has been achieved with her debut title "Vampires Revealed". Following titles will revolve around exploring the world and characters created in her first release.

Currently Rebeka lives in Melbourne with her “demented” but lovable cat, dividing her time between writing and managing a small boutique entertainment agency.

Vampires Revealed is available for purchase on Amazon and Smashwords. You can find out more about Rebeka by visiting her blog or the online home of her characters.

Vampires Revealed Synopsis

“Leave behind your preconceived ideas, forget the horror stories and disregard everything you think you know about vampires.

For centuries the debate has raged; are vampires real?  There has been plenty of myth and superstition regarding vampires but not a lot of truth or answers. In a unique piece of work, Bektamun a 3000 year old vampire, puts to rest all the myth and finally reveals the truth about the legendary creatures known across the globe as vampires.

Vampires Revealed is a journey of discovery. Never before have humans had and an opportunity such as this. To know the unadulterated truth, for every question you may have ever had about vampires to be answered”


  1. What a great post! Thanks for starting my day off with a few smiles and even a chuckle or two!

  2. @Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

    Glad you enjoyed it Julie. Bektamun is a great character and never ceases to surprise me.


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