Saturday, 4 June 2011

Review - The DoppleGanger Chronicles: The Great Mogul Diamond

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Twins Sadie and Saksia Dopple are back to solve another mystery. They are now living with the famous writer Muzz Elliott, who has adopted them. Their best friend Erik Morrissey Ganger is living his dream of becoming a detective by working with private eye/journalist Dorcas Potts. An anonymous note arrives at the Muzz’s mansion, in which she is startled by. Muzz and the twins leave immediately for an express train, but danger awaits them at every turn, as someone is using the twisted plots from Muzz’s novels for real crimes. One of Muzz’s greatest plots was the theft of the Great Mogul Diamond.

Private eye Dorcas Potts and her sidekick, Erik, are racing through the countryside roads in a fast convertible, as they try to locate the twins and Muzz Elliott. There are twists and turns around every corner, and there are dangerous robbers after the diamond.

In this fast-paced third installment of The DoppleGanger Chronicles, author C.P. Taylor takes you on a dark and mysterious ride, mixing in great storytelling. The book is a mixture of a graphic novel and a Sherlock Holmes novel. The illustrations by Daniel Boultwood and Tony Lee are superb, giving the story a gothic, eerie feel. The dialogue is witty and clean-cut. I had never heard of the series before reviewing it, but I am now a fan. It’s cleverly put together for both children and adults to enjoy reading. I highly recommend read it!

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