Thursday, 23 September 2010

Review - The Legacy of Croft Castle by Jean Barrett

The Legacy of Croft Castle
BY: Jean Barrett
ISBN: 0-373-22804-X
Pages: 249
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

Set on a small island off England, ghost hunter Meredith Allen, along with private eye Jackson Hawke, investigates the strange occurrences happening at the Croft Castle. Of course, this castle is your typical haunted castle with secret passages, eerie lights and ghosts.

Jackson is a non-believer of the supernatural and believes that a human is responsible for the strange happenings at the castle. At first, Meredith wants nothing to do with Jackson, but this is a romance novel, so she falls for him. They explore the castle and uncover a dark mystery.

This was an easy fast read for me. One thing that really bothered if Meredith was suppose to be a ghost hunter, why didn’t she have any ghost hunting gizmos with her? The book cover says this is a gothic romance. Beside for being set a castle, I never really got the feeling that this was a gothic novel. Overall, I enjoyed the novel because of its fun characters.

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