Friday, 12 March 2010

Review - Glenn Beck's Common Sense

Glenn Beck’s Common Sense: The Case Against An Out-of-Control Government
BY: Glenn Beck with Joseph Kerry
PUBLISHED BY: Threshold Editions
ISBN: 978-1-4391-6857-8
Pages: 174
Ages: Adults
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

I know there are a lot of people who like to bash Glenn Beck. If you watched his program before he was on Fox News, you’ll know that Glenn is against the way both parties are running this great nation of ours. I recommend some of his critics to actually watch all of his shows, and not just five seconds of it. There was hardly any media-fringe-bashing when he was on CNN. Sorry for rambling - back to the review.

“Common Sense” was inspired by Thomas Paine, the author of the original “Common Sense” of 1776. If you’re not a political junkie or just don’t stay up to date on current events, then the information in the book will be new to you. This is a wake up call to all citizens of America to stand up against our progressive government before it’s too late. The Republicans and Democrats are destroying the nation that our founding fathers created.

The book is a quick read, falling just under two-hundred pages. Glenn, of course, gives his opinion on all the issues in our government. You may not agree with it, but I still recommend everyone to read “Common Sense,” and open your eyes to what are elected officials are doing.


  1. This sounds up my hubby's alley!!!=)

    via Book Blogs.... aloha!

  2. In February, I was home in the states for a little while, and I discovered and became obsessed with Glen Beck. I was shocked when I heard that people criticize him - sure, he gives his opinion on things, but I felt like mostly he gives cold hard facts. He is the only person I've found so far that really expresses what I believe is a need to do something about our progressive government (and quick) that I think will make sense to others.
    If they would ever just give him a chance.
    Anyhow, I will absolutely be reading this book, even if it will be a case of preaching to the converted.

  3. You might want to fix the typo to read Thomas Paine instead of Thomas Pine.

  4. Good eyes, Barry! I fixed the typo.



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