Saturday, 27 March 2010

Review - Fear Street Nights: Darkest Dawn

Darkest Dawn (Fear Street Nights #3)
Fear Street Nights: Darkest Dawn
BY: R.L. Stine
ISBN: 978-0-689-87866-4
Pages: 182
Ages: Teens & Up
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

Several months have passed since “Midnight Games,” and the night people have gone on with their lives, no longer in fear of Angelic Fear. Jamie is the only one who still believes that the curse lives on. She still has nightmares of being possessed by Angelic Fear. She runs across a mysterious bracelet that is similar to the Fear amulet.

More deaths start to the occur. Jamie’s cousin, Dana, starts to wonder if she has lost her mind. After awhile Jamie starts to wonder the same thing, especially after she starts seeing the Fear Mansion that was demolished over a year ago. Is it Angelic Fear back from the grave again? Or is it someone else?

Jamie becomes the main character in “Darkest Dawn,” the third and final book in the “Fear Street Night” trilogy. Die-hard fans from the original books will enjoy the continuation and conclusion to the Simon and Angelic Fear storyline. I was disappointed that the character Dana Fear didn’t have a bigger part. She is a much stronger and likeable character than Jamie. The plot is a little darker than the first two books. Overall, I did enjoy the exciting ending to the series.

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  1. OMG there's still Fear Street books being published?! I was OBSESSED with these in Elementary School! Now I can't read/watch anything scary lol. Oh how I miss the days! I might have to pick this one up!


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