November 24, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Whitman Ultimate Coin Supply Kit

Whitman Ultimate Coin Supply Kit


Where to Purchase
Whitman Books

Whitman's 629 piece - Ultimate Coin Supply Kit is loaded with value! 

Kit Includes
2018 Red Book price guide
Statehood Quarters Folders Volumes I, II & III 
300 Nickel - Quarter Mylar holders
300 Cent - Dime Mylar holders
5 Quarter Storage Tubes
5 Cent Storage Tubes
Whitman 2x2 Storage Box
5 Quality Thumb-cut Pages
8 Plastic 2x2 Quarter holders
3" Round Magnifier

My Thoughts

Coin collecting is a wonderful hobby that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, which is why I'm featuring the Whitman Ultimate Coin Supply Kit on the first day of my blog's Holiday Gift Guide. Whether you're a newbie or an expert at coin collecting, this would make a great gift for any collector.

Yes, the kit's price tag is nearly $30, which might seem a bit steep at first, but once you start adding up the price of each item, you'll realize you're getting a bargain. The retail value of everything in the kit adds up to over $70!

The kit featured in the photo up above in this post is of the kit that was sent to me last month. The only difference between the kit now listed on the Whitman website is the addition of the 8 Plastic 2x2 Quarter holders, which I didn't receive with my kit. Nevertheless, this is still a great kit to give as a present for Christmas.

Everything you would need to start collecting coins is in the kit, which includes cardboard Mylar holders, a coin box, a magnifier, coin storage tubes, plastic 2x2 quarter holders, and thumb cut pages (can be used in a coin binder).

Tip: Don't staple the Mylar holders! Only use scotch tape, as this way you can remove the coins without damaging the holders.

Of the course the big highlights in this collection are the Statehood Quarters Folders Volumes I, II & III, which holds both the Denver and Philadelphia Statehood mints from 1999 to 2009.
An inside look at the coin book.
The 2018 Red Book!
I'm saving my favorite item from the kit for last - the 2018 Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins, which is a must have for any coin collector.

There are different editions of the Red Book, but the one in the kit is the spiral version. It has 464 pages and features many detailed colored photos throughout the book. Like the previous Red Books, the 2018 edition begins with an introduction to coin collecting and followed by a bit of history of each types of coins (1793 to 2017) along with the current price guide. The book retails for $15.95

A sneak peek at the Red Book.
Overall, the Whitman Ultimate Coin Supply Kit is a great kit to own. It will make a great gift for any coin collector.

*Note - I received a complimentary kit from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

Book Blogger Hop: November 24th - 30th

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What's your immediate feeling when entering a bookstore, as compared to how you feel when entering a department store?

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My Answer:

Shopping in a department store makes my anxiety and stress levels skyrocket. However, I'm much more relaxed when I'm in a bookstore.

Linky List:


Sanctuary Of Lies
by Chad Bishop

What's the book about?

ISABELLA NUNEZ owns a computer firm in Brooklyn with her lover JACOB COSTA. Accepting her infertility they have a blue nose pit bull called Justice as their “child” and live simple lives as techy nerds. Isabella’s idyllic life is shattered when several days after her lover’s ex-wife, SIMONE JOHNS, reported death, sends Jacob an email to come save their child, he didn’t know they had.

Here's a Sneak Peak!

Finally, it was noon.

Simone picked up the Pringles can on the floor and removed the top. Inside, there was a wire setup so she could find an open wi-fi for her to ride the signal. Why bring your own when you could use someone else’s? She stepped out of the truck and stretched with her Pringles can in hand. When the meter maid came by she nodded again and he grimaced at her. There were those who did something in life and those who endured. The meter maid was a warning to those who endured.

She turned the can upside and put it on top of the van. She stretched her neck and then got back into the van. She opened her laptop and searched for a signal. When she found a signal, she ran some simple searches with a lot of return rows to make sure it would hold.

The FTC was still using windows 7. She typed the command to scan for devices. She had done this on day two to retrieve the MAC address of the phone. That’s when she discovered the MAC address of the phone would change daily when he disconnected from the network. Her strategy now was to make a small jammer for the phone, and make it disconnect. When the phone disconnected, it would go into “advertisement” mode. When it went into that mode, she would be able to identify the mac address of the phone and gain entry. After she had the address, she would have a small window to download the notes. Justin liked to review his notes before lunch. There were two computer companies waiting for an FTC judgment. The coding community wondered if they would single out one company from the other as being too intrusive. If she could call this decision, she’d be back on top.


Book Tour & Giveaway: Lady Law & the Gunslinger

Devil in Texas
Lady Law and the Gunslinger Series Book 1
by Adrienne deWolfe
Genre: Historical Romance

Pinkerton Agent Sadie Michelson poses as a casino singer to investigate a Texas Senator. Before she can cozy up to her quarry, she must get past his bodyguard, William Cassidy, her long-lost lover.

An outlaw seeking redemption, Cass was lured to Texas by the promise of a Ranger badge. But he hasn’t forgotten the sassy siren, who toyed with his heart. When Sadie proposes a truce, Cass suspects she’s hiding something.

With assassins dogging their heels, Cass and Sadie uncover a murder conspiracy in the senate. To stay alive, they must do the one thing they’re dead set against: trust each other.

Dance to the Devil's Tune
Lady Law and the Gunslinger Series Book 2

Maestro’s music creates mindless puppets, who commit crimes at his command. To lure the sinister jewel thief out of hiding, Pinkerton Agent Sadie Michelson poses as a wealthy widow.

Fearing for her safety, William “Cass” Cassidy, her hotheaded lover, hatches his own plot to end Maestro’s killing spree. But his daring gamble backfires and costs him Sadie’s trust.

Now Cass is on the run, hunted by Maestro and the Pinkertons. Torn between her mission and her gunslinging lover, Sadie must stop Cass’s showdown with Maestro, or she’ll lose her badge—and her man.

Book 3, The Devil Plays with Fire coming soon!

Book Tour & Giveaway: A Matter of Circumstance

A Matter of Circumstance
by Michelle Deschenes
Genre: Historical Romance

It is 1816 and twenty-one-year-old Julianne Smith is anxious to depart from her guardians’ luxurious household and set out on her own. Even with all her grand ideas seemingly within reach, Julianne never foresees the turn of events that are about to irrevocably transform her life. Captain Charles Dorchester is a handsome, honourable man with few worries now that the war is behind him. When fate leads him to rescue the passengers of a stagecoach after it is robbed somewhere between London and Birmingham, he has no idea that inside is a woman with the power to turn his life upside down. As Julianne’s path intertwines with his, neither can deny their attraction to each other. But as a fierce passion and love blooms between them, Julianne is left in the midst of an internal struggle that prompts betrayal, fears, and consequences. In this historical romance, an independent woman becomes embroiled in a passionate love affair with a military captain that leads her to realize the influence of fate.

**99 cents!**

Miserwe Shoe Stretcher Review

You might recall me reviewing a pair of wooden shoe stretchers earlier this month. Well, today I'm reviewing the Miserwe Shoe Stretchers, which are made of of heavy plastic.

What are shoe stretchers?

Well, they're used to either widen or lengthen your shoes!

My original intention was to give the wooden stretchers that I had recently reviewed to my father for Christmas, but I don't think they'll be big enough to use in his boots. So, I wanted to test out and review a plastic pair to see if they would work with a pair of boots.

Anyhow, the Miserwe Shoe Stretcher cost about $22 on Amazon. The pair of stretchers are made out of tough polyurethane plastic and features a premium steel shaft. It's supposed to come with
8 bunion plug and 2 Pad high plugs, but the stretchers sent to me only came with 4 bunion plugs and one pad high plug, which the latter doesn't have an actually "plug" for the pad to stay secured on the stretcher. It also comes with a mesh storage bag. 

The stretcher is easy to use. Just slip the stretcher into the shoe or boot. For lengthening, turn the plastic wheel clockwise. For widening, turn the metal rod handle clockwise. For best results, leave the stretchers in the shoes for at least 24 hours.

Final Thoughts
November 22, 2017

Fall Reads: Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan

Bethany House; 318 pages; Blog Tour; Buy Link

Now available from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, is the legal thriller Deadly Proof, book one in the Atlantic Justice series, by Rachel Dylan.

The novel centers on Kate Sullivan, a lawyer who finds herself as the lead council for a corporate cover-up lawsuit against Mason Pharmaceutical. Yes, this is a big case for her, but she wants to get justice of the victims whose lives were ruined the company's new drug. The case seemed to be going fine, well, until things become deadly. A "whistleblower" for the case turns up dead, and Kate could be the next victim.

This brings in Landon James into the story. He's a former Army Ranger turned private investigator who joins the case to handle security for Kate. His goal is to keep Kate safe, so the case can go trial. The last thing he wanted to do was to fall in love with her.

Dylan pin2

Final Thoughts

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