July 24, 2016

Fitness & Coffee Sundays: VALI Core Sliders

Yes, it's been awhile since I posted a “Fitness & Coffee Sunday” post. My fitness plans for this year haven't gone as planned as I've fallen off of my workout routines and I've gained a few unwanted pounds. Actually, I've been ignoring the scales in fear of finding out the exact number that I actually way.

Nevertheless, it's the start of a brand-new week, and there's no time like the present to jump back into exercising. I plan on starting a new workout routine later tonight, so wish me luck.

Several weeks ago, I received a pair of VALI Core Sliders to test out and review. The sliders retail for $19.99, but they are currently priced on Amazon for $13.99.

What exactly are core sliders?

A core slider is a disc made out of either plastic or a fabric. You can either place the discs under your hands and/or feet during floor exercises. They are meant to help you perform the exercises correctly, and to help stretch your arms/legs more than ever before.

What type of exercises can you perform while using sliders?

Well, you can preform:

Mountain Climbers



Knee Tucks

Reverse Tucks




July 23, 2016

Popcorn & Coffee: How To Get Away With Murder: The Complete Second Season

TV-14; 645 minutes; $29.99; Amazon
Now available to buy on DVD from ABC Home Entertainment is How To Get Away With Murder: The Complete Second Season, featuring all 15 episodes on four discs. Bonus features includes Deleted Scenes and Bloopers.

Created by Peter Nowalk and produced by Shonda Rhimes, the series centers on Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis), a criminal defense attorney who is also a law professor at Middleton University, where she enlists five law students - Wes Gibbins (played by Alfred Enoch), Connor Walsh (played by Jack Falahee), Michaela Pratt (played by Aja Naomi King), Asher Millstone (played by Matt McGorry), and Laurel Castillo (played by Karla Souza) - to be her interns.

The first season uses flash forward and flashback scenes to show the events that lead to the murders of Lila Stangard, the mistress of Annalise's husband, Sam, and Sam's murder which was caused by the interns.

The second season uses a similar formula with the first eight episodes using flash forward scenes and the final seven using flashbacks. The early episodes centers on Annalise taking on a new case despite the little fact that her lover is on trial for killing her husband. The case involves Caleb and Catherine Hapstall who are both accused of killing their adoptive patents.

Things take a twisted turn when the A.D.A. Emily Sinclair is murdered, and once again Annalise finds herself trying to cover up another murder.

Summer Reads: Treasure Hunters: Peril At The Top Of The World

Jimmy Patterson; 384 pages; $14.99; Amazon
With the 100+ degree weather this week, I had some free time to sit down with a cup of coffee and read a good book.
What title did I pick out to read?

Well, I grabbed the recently released Treasure Hunters: Peril At The Top Of The World by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. Yes, I'm well aware the title is a kid's book, but like the other three installments in the series, this one is written for any age group, even adults.

The Treasure Hunter series is told from point-of-view of a twelve-year-old named Bick Kidd, and the illustrations in each book is supposed to be illustrated by his twin sister, Beck. Along with their older siblings Tommy and Storm, the Kidd kids travel around the world in search of their missing treasure hunter parents.

Now reunited with their parents, the Kidd family are on a brand-new adventure in Treasure Hunters: Peril At The Top Of The World. This time they are in Moscow, Russia, where they are investigating the disappearance of several famous painting from the Hermitage Museum. With several clues let behind for them to follow, Dr. Kidd suspects the Enlightened Ones, a secret club who keeps all the worlds treasures for themselves, is responsible for the thefts.

Unfortunately, the Enlightened Ones are always one step ahead, and before long the entire Kidd family is thrown into a Russian prison. Of course they find away to get out, but the damage had been done as their father, Dr. Kidd, had been framed for the crimes.
July 22, 2016

Book Blogger Hop: July 22nd - 28th

Book Blogger Hop

Welcome to the new Book Blogger Hop!

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My Answer: 

 I always put up a book cover for all my review posts as well as adding a "buy link" to a retailer (normally Amazon).

Linky List:

July 21, 2016

Summer Reads: Day By Day Armageddon: Ghost Run (Review & Giveaway)

Pocket Books; 256 pages; $16.00; Amazon
I've been a lifelong fan of zombie flicks, but I very seldom read zombie novesl as the ones I have read weren't very good. That being said, I went ahead and read an advanced copy of Day By Day Armageddon: Ghost Run by J.L. Bourne, despite the fact that I've never read the first three books in the series. The good news is that there is a five-page "Author's Note" at the very beginning that gives you quick "catch me up" on the main plot of the series.

Day By Day Armageddon: Ghost Run centers on a Navy commander, Kil, who is trying to gather enough supplies for his family (his wife Tara and their daughter Bug) to last through the hurricane season on their boat, which is one of the safest places to live without the zombies attacking.

Out of nowhere, Kil comes across a faint distress ping from possible survivors. Leaving his family behind, he journeys through the zombie-infested lands searching for the source of the signal. With the help of a newfound ally, Kil must battle herds zombies around every corner in the hope of finding something that will save humanity.
July 20, 2016

Summer Reads: Pumpkin Patch Blessings

Zonderkidz; 18 pages; $8.99; Amazon

Arriving in bookstores on August 2nd from Zonderkidz is the  picture-board book, titled Pumpkin Patch Blessings. Written by Kim Washburn, the 18-page book features illustrations by Jacqueline East.

Yes, it's still summer, but the stores will be getting autumn clothes as well as Halloween goodies on their shelves next month. Zonderkidz is jumping the gun a little early with the August 2nd release of Pumpkin Patch Blessings. However, it'll give the title plenty of time to find young readers before autumn actually begins.

Like most Zonderkidz titles, this book does mention God a few times. There's not really an actual plot here, but the narration explains to the reader that autumn is God's creation; though the illustrations shows a young brother and sister exploring all the wonders of what the Fall season brings; such as crunching on the falling leaves, eating corn on the cob, going on a hayride, and picking out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Book Blast: Sword Of Shadows by Karin Rita Gastreich

Sword Of Shadows
by Karin Rita Gastreich
Publisher: Orb Weaver Press
Pub. Date: July 19, 2016
Price: $3.99
Pages: 393
Buy Links: Sword Of Shadows; Eolyn

Blurb: Sisters in magic, Eolyn and Adiana seek to revive a millennial tradition once forbidden to women. When war strikes, their fledgling community of magas is destroyed; its members killed, captured or scattered.

Determined to defend her people, Eolyn seeks to escape the occupied province and deliver to King Akmael a weapon that might secure their victory. Trapped by the invading army, Adiana is taken prisoner and placed at the mercy of the ruthless Prince Mechnes.

Even as their world is torn asunder, Eolyn and Adiana cling to a common dream. Courage and perseverance guide them toward a future where the Daughters of Aithne will flourish in a world set free from the violence of men.

"War propels the story forward, and the characters are at their best when circumstances are at their worst." -Publishers Weekly 

This is the second book in THE SILVER WEB trilogy. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, or as the sequel to the first book, EOLYN.

Excerpt: Mechnes strode to the table where a soldier had left Renate’s head. He took his time unwrapping the bundle, exposing Renate’s matted tresses, the ragged edge of severed flesh, the face—oh, Renate’s face! Stiff, gray, and lifeless. Never again would she laugh, drink wine, cast a spell, or heal a friend.

Adiana’s stomach clenched, and she fought the surge of bile in her throat.

Calm, she told herself. I must remain calm.

Just as Renate had, just like Eolyn would, without as much as a change in the rhythm of her breath.

“Who is this woman?” Mechnes’s voice hit Adiana like a spear.
July 18, 2016

Book Blast: Conquered by Paula Quinene

Kindle $2.99; Paperback $20.95
by Paula Quinene
Publisher: Paula Ann Lujan Quinene
Pub. Date: June 18, 2016
Pages: 316
Buy Link: Kindle

Blurb: Conquered is a passionate love story, as much about its main characters, Guam native Jesi Taimanglo and American GI Johan Landers, as it is about author Paula Quinene’s passion for Guam itself. As her characters try to find a place for themselves amid the war, Jesi’s relatives, and the Chamorro traditions, Quinene charts a path through a seldom told story: Guam’s place in WWII. An original idea written with an original voice that invites readers in to the exotic world of the Pacific, complete with coconut trees, banana doughnuts, dolphins swimming in the ocean, and moonlight on Pago Bay, Conquered also recounts the brutal horrors of the Japanese occupation on Guam, a US territory largely forgotten back in the States. In addition to learning about a singular and little-known culture that has played a part in the world wars of the Pacific, readers will undoubtedly crave the recipe for banana doughnuts.

—Stacey Donovan, Writer, Editor, and Author of Dive

Excerpt (Somewhere in chapter 3):  “Drink,” she said.

Johan closed his eyes and took a sip. Then a gulp. Coolness spread through his body. She’s nice. It was the most delicious thing he’d put on his tongue. Refreshing. The girl held the cup for him until he finished.

“Thank you.”

The girl nodded.

She set the cup aside and stepped away to pick up the coconut and machete again. Keeping her left hand out of the way, the girl held the machete in her right hand, centered it on the coconut, and hit the coconut in the middle. It split in half. She brought the coconut to him. Using the skin that was between her teeth, she scooped the coconut flesh and fed him.

Johan savored the soft meat. It wasn’t as sweet as the stuff his granny used to sprinkle on cake. But it was really good.

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Summer Reads: Star Trek: Legacies - Captain To Captain

Pocket Books; 360 pages; $7.00; Amazon This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. It's hard to believe that...


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