April 26, 2015

Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set by Matcha DNA Review

Many say that green tea is the healthiest beverage in the world due to the fact that it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients! This can boost fat loss, lower the risks of cancer, improves brain function and many other healthy benefits.

About a month ago, I was sent the Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set by Matcha DNA to review!

The set includes:

1 - Beautiful Gift Box
1 - Handmade Matcha Tea Bowl/Cup (Chawan)
1 - Handcrafted Bamboo Tea Whisk (Chasen)
1 - Ceramic Matcha Whisk Holder
1 - Natural Bamboo Tea Spoon (Chashaku)
1 -1 oz bag of USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 

Styles II Fitness Massage Body Stick Roller Review

When I started 2015, my main priority was to get into shape, but I've had several setbacks, include a few muscle strains and a few colds. Now, there isn't much I can do from preventing myself from catching the cold or flu, but I can help get rid or even prevent muscle strains without having to go to an expensive chiropractor or a massage therapist.

Earlier this month, I was sent the Styles II Fitness Massage Body Stick Roller to try out. The roller is basically an 18 inch metal bar with seven white rollers and black rubber handles on each end.

The roller is an effective therapy tool for muscle strains, pains and trigger points. It helps break down soft tissue, increases blood flow and increases circulation.

April 25, 2015

Blu-ray Review: Taken 3

Taken 3
Director: Olivier Megaton
Starring: Liam Neeson, Forest Whittaker, Maggie Grace, and Famke Janssen
Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Release Date: April 22, 2015
Retail: $39.99
Running Time: 109 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Buy Link: Amazon


Now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD is the action-packed Taken 3. Directed by Olivier Megaton, the film stars Liam Neeson, Forest Whittaker, Maggie Grace, and Famke Janssen. The Blu-ray features the both the theatrical version and the unrated cut (about 6 minutes longer). Extras include deleted scenes, gallery, Sam's Bunker A.K.A. The Rabbit Hole, Taken to L.A. and A Taken Legacy.

Liam Neeson returns once again as the ex-covert operative Bryan Mills, whom is now living in L.A. to be close to his daughter Kim (played by Maggie Grace). Despite the events that occurred in Taken 2, his ex-wife Lenore (played by Famke Janssen) has stayed married to Stuart St. John (now played by Dougray Scott); though she still has feeling for Bryan and vice versa.

After receiving a text form Lenore wanting to have breakfast at his apartment, Bryan is shell-shocked when he finds her dead in his bedroom. The LAPDs arrive to the scene quickly, but Bryan is one step of head of them as he uses his covert operative knowledge & skills to hunt down his ex-wife's murderer and clear his name.
April 24, 2015

Book Blogger Hop: April 24th - 30th

Book Blogger Hop

Welcome to the new Book Blogger Hop!

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  This week's question is submitted by Elizabeth!

Does the title of a book make or break your choice to read it?

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My Answer: 

  A snappy title can definitely get my attention, but if I don't care for the book cover blurb/synopsis, then I probably won't read it.

Linky List:

Eco Friendly BPA Free Sports Water Bottle Review


It seems when it comes to fitness everybody wants to be as eco-friendly as possible, especially when it comes to water bottles as nobody wants to be exposed to harmful chemicals.

A few weeks ago, I was sent an Eco Friendly BPA Free Sports Water Bottle to review. Ever since I started the Insanity Max: 30 program over three weeks away, I've been drinking twice as much water, so of course I was interested in a new water bottle.

A 2-pack of these water bottles goes for $14.97 on Amazon. These bottles are made from FDA APPROVED 100% food grade silicone. Each bottle holds about 20 ounces of water. The bottles are free of BPA and Phthalate. They're also dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe!

Spring Reads: The Inn at Ocean's Edge

The Inn at Ocean's Edge
A Sunset Cove Novel, book 1
by Colleen Coble
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pub. Date: April 14, 2015
ISBN: 978-1401690267
Pages: 336
Blog Tour: http://litfusegroup.com/author/ccoble
Buy Link: http://bit.ly/1PDMkED


I fell in love with the Christian fiction genre when I was in my early 20s and since then I've been exposed to many great writers, including one of my new favorite authors, Colleen Coble. While Colleen is known for her historical romances, this time around she is releasing a thrilling mystery, titled The Inn at Ocean's Edge

The novel centers on a young woman, Claire Dellamare, whom is heading to the Hotel Tourmaline on the island of Folly Shoals, Maine for a business meeting. Returning to this hotel is bringing back haunting memories for her. She was four-years-old when she disappeared from the hotel and mysteriously showed up a year later with a note pinned to her dress. The police were baffled by the mystery and Claire doesn’t remember where she was for the missing year.

Around the same time of Claire's disappearance in 1989, Luke Rocco's mother also vanished. Now fate has brought Luke back to Hotel Tourmaline and his path crosses with Claire, who begins to have flashbacks from her childhood. They decide to team up in the attempt to unravel the mystery, but doing so might just bring a murderer into their sights.
April 23, 2015

Blu-ray Review: The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door
Director: Rob Cohen
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, John Corbett, Ian Nelson & Kristen Chenoweth
Release Date: April 28, 2015
Retail: $34.98
Running Time: 91 minutes
Rating: R
Buy Link: Amazon


Arriving on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD on Tuesday April 28 is the intense thriller The Boy Next Door. Directed by Rob Cohen, the film stars Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, John Corbett, Ian Nelson and Kristen Chenoweth. Bonus Features include deleted scenes, The Making of The Boy Next Door and Feature Commentary with Director Rob Cohen.

Jennifer Lopez stars as Claire Peterson, a high school literature teacher, whom is recently separated from her cheating husband Garrett (played by John Corbett). Despite the fact that her best friend Vicky Lansing (played by Kristin Chenoweth) advises her to get a divorce, part of her is not ready to give up on her marriage. Well, that is until a nineteen-year-old, Noah Sandborn (played by Ryan Guzman), moves into the house across the street.

Ryan looks like a decent teenager that is taking care of his wheelchair-bound uncle. He quickly charms his way into Claire's life by befriending her shy teenage son Kevin (played Ian Nelson). Feeling depressed late one night, Claire makes the mistake of sleeping with Ryan!

The next morning she realizes that all it was was a one night stand, but Ryan wants more than that. He enrolls into her literature class and begins to stalk her. At first, Claire thinks it's just a simple crush that will go away, but she quickly realizes that Ryan has a dangerous obsession with her.

Girls Season 4 Review

Now available on Digital HD is the entire 4th Season of the HBO critically-acclaimed series Girls. Produced by Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, This Is 40), the series stars Lena Dunham (whom also created the series), Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Adam Driver.

The series follows twenty-something aspiring writer Hannah Helene Horvath (played by Lena Dunham), whom is financially cut off from her parents after she graduates college. With the support of her friends Marnie Marie Michaels (played by Allison Williams), Jessa Johansson (played by Jemima Kirke) and Shoshanna Shapiro (played by Zosia Mamet), she awkwardly tries to make a life of her own; only to stumble along the way.

Season 4 takes things in a new direction with Hannah leaving New York to get her MFA in Iowa; leaving her boyfriend Adam (played by Adam Driver) and her friends behind. Marnie continues her affair with Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), who's girlfriend (played by Natalie Morales) is starting to suspect there is something between them. Shoshanna is finally graduating college and she has a hard time finding a job. Despite going to AA, Jessa still has many personal problems to overcome.

The ten episodes includes:


Harlock: Space Pirate DVD
Ends April 30th!

The Marine 4 Blu-ray!
Ends April 30th!

Organic Lavender Oil
Ends May 1st!

ABX Blu-ray
Ends May 13th!

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