September 20, 2017

Product Review: BeLive Fish Oil: Max Strength

Yes, this isn't the first time that I've reviewed a fish oil (Omega-3) product on here. It's one my favorite supplements to take daily.

What health benefits can you receive by taking Omega-3s?

Well, there's a long list of what Omega-3s can can do, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, depression, anxiety, dementia, and arthritis. It can help support metabolism, reduce fat in the liver, improve joint & bone health, improve sleep, and support muscle growth.

The brand that I'm reviewing today is called BeLive Fish Oil: Max Strength, which has 3750mg of Omega 3-6-9. The fish oil is sourced from the deepest and coldest water of the Norwegian Sea. It is

Once bottle has 135 softgels. The directions recommends taking 3 softgels per day. It retails for $59.99, but it currently can be purchased at for $19.50 per bottle.

Every 3 softgels contains:

  • Fish Oil - 3 Fatty Acids - 3750mg
    • Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids - 2700mg
      • Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) - 1350mg
      •  Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) - 900mg
      • Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids - 720mg
      • Total Omega - 9 Fatty Acids - 270mg
      • Total Omega - 6 Fatty Acids - 240mg
      • Total Omega - 7 Fatty Acids - 42mg

Book Spotlight: Red Dot Shot by Kramer Elkman

Red Dot Shot
by Kramer Elkman

Genre: Memoir

Publisher: Xlibris

Pub. Date: February 12, 2016

ISBN: 9781514454787

Pages: 127
Word Count:  50,000-60,000

This is a true story that is as bizarre as it is perplexing.

What's the book about?

Things happen for a reason, or so I am told. The events described in this book actually happened. This story is real. The explanations for the bizarre happenings will probably be as confusing to you as they are to me.

Embark with me on this journey-my quest to find answers and obtain closure for the unresolved issues that occurred and stayed unresolved for five decades.

This story is much more than an incredible hunt; it goes much deeper than that.
Join me in my search for truth.

Where can you purchase the book?
Amazon      BN

Here's  a Sneak Peek!
September 19, 2017

Haunted Halloween Spooktacular: Evil's Unlikely Assassin

Evil's Unlikely Assassin
An Alexis Black Novel
Book One
by Jenn Windrow

Pub. Date: June 6, 2017

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing

ISBN: 1771279222

Pages: 290
Word Count: 80K

Cover Artist: Erica Petlit Designs

Tagline: Sometimes it takes evil to kill evil

What's the book about?

Vampire Alexis Black is on a mission - to rejoin the human race.

Coerced into signing an ironclad contract by an Angel-with-attitude, Alexis must hunt down and assassinate at least one vampire, werewolf, or creepy crawly every night for fifty years to become human again. Too bad the contract didn’t mention the badass vampire who now rides shotgun in her brain, insatiable bloodlust, or her new I-hate-everything-with-fangs sidekick. If she can fulfill her end of the bargain, her humanity is restored, if not she will be destroyed.

But when a revenge-seeking bloodsucker threatens her city, Alexis must risk everything to ensure there’s a humanity to return to. Since her vampire nature is her greatest weapon to defeat the monsters that threaten her friends and future, Alexis must choose to accept her inner beast or watch those she loves die.

Where can you purchse the novel?

Amazon       BN       iBooks       Kobo      MuseIt Up     Goodreads

"Evil's Unlikely Assassin is a promising urban fantasy debut that features all that's great about the genre--action, attitude, and ass-kicking." -Jaye Wells, USA Today bestselling author of The Sabina Kane and Prospero's War series

Blood and Orgasms – An Alexis Black Short Story

I needed blood and an orgasm.  Not necessarily in that order.  At least that’s what Nathan’s been telling me for weeks.  I guess even best friends can’t stand a moody bitch.
Good thing I’m a girl who likes to multi-task.
I allowed Nathan to tart me up in a black dress so low-cut, one wrong move would expose my not-very-abundant assets. We headed to a local human hot spot, and walked past a line of scantily clad woman and wanna-be Rico Sauv√©’s.
Once inside, he sat me down at the bar and pointed his finger in my face.  “Alexis Black, you’re not getting off that stool until some unlucky sod agrees to take you home and shag you senseless.”
Sheesh.  “It’s not going to take all night.  We’ll be out of here before you know it.”  I waved him off. 
“Well, aim high, don’t hop on the first one that comes your way.”   He rubbed my shoulders. “Relax.  You’ll scare away all the good ones.”  He gave me a peck on my cheek and wandered off in search of his own pulsing vein.
Ten minutes.  Thirty minutes.  Fifty minutes.  Not one man approached me.  I pulled a compact out of my purse and checked my reflection. No food in my teeth. No objects in my nose.  No fangs.
My stomach rumbled at the smell of the blood pumping through the humans on the dance floor. So enticing I had to grab the bottom of my stool to keep from snatching someone for a quick bite.  Next time I shouldn’t wait to long to feed, but I liked drinking blood as much as I liked sitting in this club.

Book Tour & Giveaway: The Cedric Series

Cedric the Demonic Knight
The Cedric Series Book 1
by Valerie Willis
Genre: Epic Fantasy

Known for hunting the supernatural, no mortal man realizes Lord Cedric is one of Sorceress Morrighan’s abominations. After competing in a tournament, he is wed to a Lady of the Court, Angeline. Cedric’s senses begin to overwhelm him and he struggles to decipher his feelings; Are they a creation of his incubine bloodline or truly heartfelt emotions for the girl who has lost it all to him? He finds himself forced to choose between falling in love or continuing his suicidal quest to kill his creator. Epic battles against all manners of beasts and demons fill this story with memorable antagonists such as Morrighan and her two sisters; Romasanta the Father of Werewolves; Succubus Queen Lillith and many more. Find yourself engulfed in lores and history long forgotten from the 12th Century and beyond.

Romasanta: Father of Werewolves
The Cedric Series Book 2

Romasanta finds himself a cursed man and struggles with his internal demon, literally. All his troubles start with a stone and after that he will be losing everything he's ever loved. Faced with clinging on to what little humanity he has, he will lose it many times before reaching the end of his journey. His life's tale will take you through time to see how every lore, every moment in history tied in with wolves all come back to him. They call him the Ancient One, others simply refer to him as the Father of Werewolves, but we know him by his name, Romasanta. Many battles will be fought before he gets closer to his goals, but will he be ready to finish what was asked of him at the very beginning of his horrible fate. Will he be able to return the Eye of Gaea and free the love of his life from the laurel tree in the Black Forest?

The Oracle
The Cedric Series Book 3

Released Sept 1st

With Angeline back in Cedric’s arms and the Eye of Gaea in Romasanta’s grip, the next step in their journey begins. All eyes are set on Mt. Parnassus where the Oracle is protected by Delphyne, the mother of all dragons and beasts. Assembling a group of willing patrons, Romasanta leads them to Delphi, Greece where they will cross into a realm void of technology. Only brute strength and magic reign in a place where packs of Mimick dogs, Wyverns and Jaculus still run wild. Meanwhile, back home Lillith takes on a mysterious curse cast on Tony who will have to make a life changing choice. The question weighing on all their minds is if two werewolves, the Incubus King, and a demonized sorceress will live to fight their way into Gaea’s Gate to enter the Otherworld?

Book Tour & Giveaway: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

by Heather Heyford

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pub Date: 8/29/2017

When the town of Clarkston, Oregon, welcomes Captain Sam Owens home from the service, Sophia “Red” McDonald is first in line. The sassy psychotherapist has known Sam since they were kids, and the grown-up Sam is darned near irresistible. With his abs of steel and those gorgeous hazel eyes, he could have any woman he wanted. Naturally, Red is thrilled when he takes her hand . . .

She’s a modern woman, happy to canoodle with the sexy soldier, no strings attached—until her heart changes the rules. Suddenly, after months of casual hookups, Red finds she wants more. She longs to possess Sam body and soul. But his warrior's heart was wounded long before he joined the service. As a therapist, Red has ways of making him talk. Only if Sam opens up and spills his secrets can they finally have everything their hearts desire . . .

September 18, 2017

Elena of Avalor: Celebrations to Remember DVD Review

Disney; 92 minutes; TV-Y;
Now available on DVD from Walt Disney Home Entertainment is Elena of Avalor: Celebrations to Remember, featuring 4 holiday adventures and 2 bonus episodes. As an added bonus, the DVD comes with a FREE Elena Locket (18" necklace wit 1 1/4" x 3/4" Locket).

Elena of Avalor is a spinoff of the popular computer-animated series Sofia the First. Created by Craig Gerber, the series debuted on Disney Junior in 2016 and quickly became popular with children, adults, and critics.

The series centers on sixteen-year-old Elena, the princess of Avalor, who gets trapped inside an amulet for 41-years until Sofia the First set her free. She has the ability to use magic with her royal scepter. She can also see the spirits of animals.

The 4 featured episodes on this DVD release all have a celebration theme, such as Navidad, Dia de los Muretos,  and Carnaval. There are two random episodes as a bonus feature.

The episodes titles on the DVD are:

A Day to Remember
King Of The Carnaval
My Fair Naomi

Bonus Episodes:
Crystal In the Rough
Captain Turner Returns

Marvel's Daredevil: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray Review

NETFLIX/ABC Studios; 701 minutes; TV-MA
Now available on Blu-ray from Marvel Television and ABC Studios is the NETFLIX's original series Marvel's Daredevil: The Complete Second Season, featuring 13 episodes on a 3-disc set. There are no special features or bonus extras.

Based on the comic book series created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, Daredevil centers on a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox). Thanks to his enhanced senses, he's able to see things normal people don't, even though he's blind. He uses his abilities to fight crime at night in Hell's Kitchen.

The second season begins with Matt continuing his quest to clean up the streets of Hell's Kitchen, which is being taken over by the Irish Mob and Cartels. After the Irish mob are are gunned down by Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, (played by Jon Bernthal), the lone survivor asks the law firm Nelson and Murdock for protection. Despite the fact that they can barely pay the bills, Nelson (played by Elden Henson) and Murdock's assistant/secretary (played by Deborah Ann Woll) agree to take the survivor as their client.

Meanwhile, Murdock/Daredevil tries to take down The Punisher before more people are killed, but it isn't as easy as he hoped it would be. To make matters even worse, an old flame Elektra Natchios (played by √Člodie Yung) drops back into his life, as well as his mentor Stick (played by Scott Glenn), along with a few ninjas that are terrorizing the streets.

The 13 episode titles are:

Dogs to a Gunfight
New York's Finest
Penny and Dime
Regrets Only
Semper Fidelis
Guilty As Sin
Seven Minutes In Heaven
The Man In The Box
The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel
A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen 

Book Tour & Giveaway: The Dark Side

The Dark Side
Nocturnal Secrets Book 1
by Cyci Cade
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Sept 19th, 2017

At that moment, he notices how vulnerable he is in front that creature; his life hangs by a thread—or what will remain of it if he doesn't die due to the severe burns.”

Condemned to the eternal solitude, he wants to live his best possible life because he will have too many centuries of existence and he doesn't need to carry the weight of the guilt for had killed uncountable people to satiate his hunger.”

Ivor Alastair has many plans for his future, but they are frustrated when his parents are murdered. In danger, he cannot stay in the city he grew up and have friends anymore. Forced to move to London to live with his uncle, Ivor tries to restart his life. However, a new tragedy devastates the small family. 

Alone and devastated, Ivor feels lost and without strength to move on. After a year traveling to forget his past and erase the sorrow, he discovers that it will not be so easy. 

Back to London, Ivor sees his life change again when a mysterious creature with an incredibly white skin that seems made of marble and red eyes that demonstrate a frightening ferocity crosses his way. 

An unexpected encounter with Arabella makes Ivor think that his loneliness will stay behind; as decades pass, he realizes that he is more alone than never.

Decided to change his story, Ivor makes a decision. He will not kill anymore! 

Ivor Alastair lost his parents, house, and life. Now, he will have to restart, but will it be possible?

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Marvel's Daredevil: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray Review

NETFLIX/ABC Studios; 701 minutes; TV-MA Now available on Blu-ray from Marvel Television and ABC Studios is the NETFLIX 's origin...


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