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Friday, April 5, 2019

Blu-ray Review: Barb Wire

Mill Creek Entertainment; Amazon
It seems like there is a new superhero movie in theaters every other month, and almost every single one of them makes gobs of hundreds of millions at the box office. However, rewind back to the mid-1990s, a time when comic book movies weren't taken as seriously and many were complete flops, such as 1996's Barb Wire starring Pamela Anderson.

The movie was recently released on Blu-ray from Mill Creek Entertainment. There are no special features or bonus extras.

Based upon the Dark Horse Comics' series, Barb Wire (R; 99 minutes; $14.98) centers around Barbara Kopetski (a.k.a. Barb Wire), the owner of the nightclub Hammerhead in the war zone city of Steel Harbor in the year 2017. When she isn't bartending, she's making a little extra cash as a bounty hunter and mercenary. Her world is turned upside down when her former lover Axel Hood (played by Temuera Morrison) reenters her life.

Axel is a freedom fighter who's trying to help a former government scientist Dr. Corrina Devonshire (played by Victoria Rowell), escape the corrupted government by sneaking her into Canada. In order to fly out of the city, she'll need a special pair of contacts to bypass the airport's retinal scan, and of course Barb Wire is the only person who can help her get the contacts.

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