Sunday, June 2, 2024

{Sunday Post} — Mountain of Mirrors, Pliable Truths, and Stargate

My Current Reads 

Once again, I'm in between books, though I did read the prologue to Friday the 13th: Mother's Day over a week ago. I placed bookmarks in multiple books, but I was on the fence about what to read next. I should probably read The Chaos Agent, but part of me wants to read Pliable Truths (Star Trek: The Next Generation) by Dayton Ward, which I just received in the mail yesterday afternoon. No, it's not an ARC; I ordered it from Amazon. I was supposed to receive an ARC, but my gallery contact has been MIA for several months. Sometime, I need to read ARCs of Extinction, Acts of Defiance, and Lost Birds. Also, I've added Freida McFadden's The Housemaid and The Housemaid's Secret to my current reading list. There's a third book coming out soon, so I'm wanting to read these two first.

What's New on the Bookshelf?

Yes, I contradicted myself in last week's post when I said I was going to skip thrifting. I stopped by the thrift store at the last minute on Friday afternoon. The fill a bag for $1 sale was still going on, but I didn't find enough books to fill a bag, so I paid the regular ten cents per paperback. I got Endless Quest: Mountain of Mirrors by Rose Estes, Find Your Fate: Indiana Jones and the Legion of Death by Richard Wenk, Stargate (Junior Novelization) by Shelia Black, News of the World by Paulette Jiles, A Big Sky by J.A. Johnstone, Black Widow: Forever Red by Margaret Stohl, and the March 1977 issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.

Most of the monthly Star Trek 99-cent eBook sales are up, and the only one I don't already own is TNG: Diplomatic Implausibility by Kieth R. A. DeCandido, so of course I added it to my Kindle. Also, for 99 cents, I got TOS: Legacies: Captain to Captain by Greg Cox. Now, I already have this on paperback. It's part of a trilogy; I already have book two on my Kindle, so for 99 cents, I added the book one on there as well. Now, if only the third book would go on sale.

Here's a little unknown fact: I know how to cross-sitch; I used to be good at it once upon a time, though it's been quite a while since I've worked on a project. For several weeks, the eBook Star Trek: Cross Stitch: Strange New Worlds of Crafting has been on sale for $1.99, and I finally talked myself into getting it. There's only four or five projects that I like.

Other new titles on my Kindle are Twins by Caroline B. Cooney, Tender Loving Care by Andrew Neiderman, The Dark Chronicles: The Dance by Barbara Steiner, Katie by Michael McDowell, and Gilded Needles by Michael McDowell.


  1. I'd not heard of the Housemaid but I was standing next to it at the book launch and took note of it. How funny. That's a sign I should give it a try. #SundayPost

  2. The housemaid series look good. I may have read one of them already


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