Thursday, April 4, 2024

[Review] — "A LIFE WITH GHOSTS" is a Fun Behind-the-Scenes Look at Ghost Hunting

I read A Life With Ghosts last autumn, sometime around its release date, but I don't remember the exact date. I intended to write a review right away, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it kept getting postponed until now.

A Life With Ghosts (available to buy on *Hardback) is written by Steve Gonsalves, one of the ghost hunters from the popular paranormal reality show "Ghost Hunters." Michael Alosis co-authored the book and is likely responsible for most of the writing. Whether you want to categorize it as a biography or a memoir, the book offers an intriguing insight into the ghost-hunting world. (*Paid Link)

In the first twenty pages, the book describes Steve's life before he joined TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). When he was very young, he watched the horror film "The Entity" on HBO, which sparked his interest in the paranormal. No time gets wasted explaning how Steve joined the ghost-hunting community. 

After the fast-paced introduction, the rest of the book is about Steve's favorite investigations: Theodores' Booze, Blues, and BBQ Restuarant/Bar and Smith's Billards; Alcatraz, Crescent Hotel & Spa, Pennhurst State School, and Hosptial; Stanley Hotel; Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum; Alexandria Zoo; USS North Carolina; Sloss Furnaces; Waverly Hills Sanatorium; John Swoden House; Witching Tree (private residence); Bird Cage Theatre; Myrtles Plantation; St. Augustine Lighthouse; and Bucksteep Manor.

A Life with Ghosts is a book that is not just for Ghost Hunters fans, but also for those who have a fascination with the paranormal. If you've watched the television series, you'll know that Steve Gonsalves is a likable character. The book is written in a way that shows he is a decent human being who tries his best to get along with everyone, even the dead.

Just a quick note: I had forgotten about the movie "The Entity" until Steve mentioned it on the first page.

After finishing the book, I bought the movie on Blu-ray. Overall, I enjoyed reading A Life with Ghosts. It provides a well-written, behind-the-scenes look at ghostbusting, and you (the reader) gain insight into what makes Steve Gonsalves tick. ╌★★★★✰

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