Tuesday, December 5, 2023

[Review] — "Star Trek: Prodigy: Escape Route" is a Flawed, Entertaining Read

*Star Trek: Prodigy: Escape Route—the third and perhaps last book based on the animated series—was published in August by Simon Spotlight and can be purchased in a *boxset alongside volumes one and two, A Dangerous Trade and Supernova. (* paid link)

Escape Route, written by Cassandra Rose Clarke, takes place after the events of the season finale, "Supernova" (not to be confused with the book of the same name). Warning: This contains spoilers. Emergency Training Holographic Advisor Katherine Janeway sacrificed herself to destroy the starship Protostar. Dal R'El, Gwyn, Jankom Pog, Rok-Tahk, Zero, and Murf barely escaped on a tightly packed shuttle. 

Now, their task is to locate Earth and deliver themselves to Starfleet. The crew stops at a white moon that isn't on their maps because they are low on supplies, and their shuttle needs repairs. Parts for the shuttle's warp drive should be easy to obtain because debris is strewn all over the moon. Right? What they intended to be a brief stop becomes a big problem when the Chakkarans want Murf to stay with them on the moon in return for the supplies.

I'd had a copy of Escape Route for a few months, but with the cancellation of the Paramount+ series, I lost interest in writing a review. Since then, Netflix has decided to salvage the show; the second season will premiere in 2024. The news revived my interest in Star Trek: Prodigy, leading me to reread Escape Route.

Though the story is intriguing, the final act comes across as rushed. I think the author ran out of ideas or time. It feels too brief, even for a middle-grade novel. Despite several shortcomings, Star Trek: Prodigy: Escape Route is an enjoyable book—ideal for younger readers and fans of the animated series. ╌★★★½✰

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