Friday, March 3, 2023

[Review] — Elizabeth Goddard's "Cold Light of Day" is a Gripping Romantic Thriller

The title Cold Light of Day has been bugging me to no end, and then it occurred to me that it is the same name as a low-budget action thriller starring Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis that I purchased the DVD of many years ago on a Black Friday deal but have never watched to this day. Although it has no connection to the movie, Elizabeth Goddard's thriller Cold Light of Day (Available to Buy on Kindle and Paperback), book one in the Missing in Alaska series, is a thriller nonetheless.

In the sleepy Alaskan hamlet of Shadow Gap, Police Chief Autumn Long is struggling to maintain her job when an unexpected run of criminal activity sees her dealing with a wounded cop, mysterious deaths, and an attack on her own father. Grier Brenner, a newcomer who appears to have the knowledge and expertise Autumn needs to deal with this threat to her town, is the one she goes to despite her distrust of newcomers.

Grier Brenner is in Alaska for the same reason many others are: to vanish until Chief Long approaches him for assistance. He emerges from the shadows and demonstrates his mettle, but his presence in Autumn's life might be a dangerous trap for them.

Elizabeth Goddard is a very talented author whose creativity shines in this novel, particularly in her vivid descriptions. I felt an immediate connection to the protagonists. I kept flipping the pages because there were so many exciting moments and unexpected turns. You won't want to put down the page-turning romantic thriller Cold Light of Day until you've read the very last page. ╌★★★★★

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