Friday, April 8, 2022

[Review} - Malicious Intent by Lynn H. Blackburn

Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Company, recently released the Christian thriller Malicious Intent by Lynn H. Blackburn. It's the second installment in the Defend and Protect series. I had never even heard of the series before reading Malicious Intent. The cover reminds me of the black & white movie-of-the-week ads in TV Guide during the 1990s. Weirdly, that's the only reason why I wanted to read this book - I liked the cover.

The plot is as simplistic as it gets - a woman is in danger, and a law enforcement agent is assigned to protect her. In this story, the woman is Dr. Ivy Collins, the founder, and CEO of the prosthetic company Hedera, Inc., and someone is trying to sabotage her life's work. The only person who can protect Ivy is her childhood best friend - US Secret Service Agent Gil Dixon.

Final Thoughts

I had trouble connecting with the two central characters, Dr. Ivy Collins and Agent Gil Dixon. They come across as one-dimensional soap opera characters, and I didn't like them from the get-go. The plot is a cliched by-the-book mystery with a little bit of romance sprinkled into the mix. I got bored midway and took a break from the book for a few days. I only continued reading it so I could write this review.  

Overall, Malicious Intent is a predictable Chrisitan romantic thriller that is somehow neither romantic nor thrilling in any shape or form. Other readers have praised this novel, so maybe it's just me. Or maybe my taste in books is quite different from theirs. Or I'm tired of reading run-of-the-mill thrillers. 

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