Saturday, July 10, 2021

[DVD Review] - Ancient Aliens: Season 13

Have you ever channel surfed and come across the fictionalized documentary series Ancient Aliens on History?

I don't want to admit to this, but I have watched a few episodes of Ancient Aliens over the years. Some unique individuals believe in every alternate history conspiracy theory that these so-called Ancient Alien experts concocted. I, for one, don't believe 90% of what they consider is the truth. I only watched this fake documentary series out of my nostalgia for The X-Files and pure boredom.  

By the title of this post, you already know I'm reviewing the Ancient Alien: Season 13 DVD. I know what you're all are thinking, and no, Ancient Aliens hasn't been on for 13 years. The series has been airing on History since 2009, but it's currently in its 16th season. And here is where you'll be scratching your noggin - the Season 13 DVD set isn't from the 13th season that aired on History in 2018-2019. Episodes 1 - 10 are from the 15th season, and 11 - 16 are from the 16th. Confusing, right?

The 16 episodes on the 3-Disc set are:
  • The Relics of Roswell
  • Destination Chile
  • The Real Men in Black
  • The Mystery of the Stone Giants
  • The World Before Time
  • They Came from the Pleiades
  • The Immortality Machine
  • The Shapeshifters
  • The Ultimate Guide to UFOs
  • Aliens and the Presidents
  • The Divide Number
  • The Lost Kingdom
  • The Galactic Keyhole
  • Giants of the Mediterranean
  • The Forbidden Bible
  • Impossible Artifacts

Final Thoughts

Everyone already knows my thoughts on what I think of Ancient Aliens. What did I think of the Season 13 DVD set? 

If you can suspend your belief or shut off your brain, you can find some form of entertainment from these 16 episodes. All of the astronaut theorists featured in the season are nutcases. Well, at least that's my opinion of them. The Ultimate Guide to UFOs and Aliens and the Presidents were the only two episodes I found interesting. The others episodes are downright silly with all the distorted history theories.  

Overall, the Ancient Aliens: Season 13 DVD set will only appeal to a specific group of humans who believe in little green aliens, Men in Black, and UFO sightings. Almost everything featured in the series is nothing more than pure science fiction. 

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