Friday, July 16, 2021

Benefits Of High-Speed Internet

There are many benefits of high-speed Internet, with the key benefit being in its name. High speed is what Americans want in their broadband and Internet services. The speed is not just for entertainment purposes. One survey indicates that 4 in 10 consumers will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Amazon alone could lose $1.6 billion with one second down of Internet. Achieving benefits like this is the goal of providers bringing high-speed Internet service to Lehigh Valley and elsewhere. Learn about additional benefits here.

Job Productivity

The remote workforce in America is growing since the pandemic, and the need for high-speed Internet has never been greater. Even so, Americans need the Internet at home whether they are a remote worker or not.

Americans with jobs often need to use the Internet after working hours. One survey from the Pew Research Center in 2014, long before the pandemic, said that 94 percent of jobholders use the Internet at home. Approximately 54 percent of them say they need it to do their jobs.

More Reliable Service

High-speed Internet is more reliable than almost any other form of Internet service. It is why broadband services and Internet connectivity takes such an integral position in infrastructure bills in politics today.

High-speed Internet brings to America the benefit of being a reliable service that is superior to DSL or other kinds of Internet. Copper signals weaken over time and weather can intercept Internet productivity.


When it comes to high-speed Internet, affordability is another key advantage over many alternative Internet connections. When you compare the costs of using your phone as a hotspot or data by the minute charges, the expenses get steep. 

Other forms of Internet service can be expensive as well when they are improperly bundled or sold at high speed with fine print that literally slows down your connection.

Get a Quote

If you want to cut some costs on your Internet service, shop around for some quotes. It is a competitive market today, and there are lower costs around every corner. Explore options like high-speed Internet service Lehigh Valley or closer to your area, and you will find a service with these benefits.