Wednesday, March 10, 2021

{Random Rambling} - Dating Apps and Interabled Relationships

Having a chronic disease or disability can put a strain on your relationship with your family and friends, and it can also affect your love life. Being single can be depressing enough by itself but can be even worse when you have a medical condition. Hollywood and the media love to glamorize love stories and show us that only people with perfect bodies with zero issues can fall in love. In reality, this isn't true at all. Nobody is perfect, and every one of us has our weaknesses and flaws. We are all human beings, and all of us want to be appreciated and loved.

By now, some of my long-time readers are probably wondering where I'm going with this post. As you might already know, from time to time, I like to ramble on about my dating life or the lack thereof, and this is sorta one of those posts. So you've been warned. (LOL!)

I spend way too much time on YouTube watching music videos, unboxings, and horror movie reviews. For reasons unknown, one of the recommended videos was from a channel called Squirmy and Grubs, which is about a real-life couple in an interabled relationship. 

What's an interabled relationship?

It means one person in a romantic relationship is disabled, and the other is not. I didn't know this term even existed until I watched Squirmy and Grub (Shane and Hannah), a heartwarming and funny couple who tied the knot last year.

When my mind gets on a subject matter, I won't stop until I know everything I can about it. After a bit of googling, I learned there are websites for the disabled, such as an amputee dating app and amputee dating sites. These are just like other dating apps and sites, but the only difference is they're made specifically for single disabled individuals looking for love.


For those who are already in an interabled relationship or are considering jumping into the dating pool, there's a YouTube video "Great Tips For Living In An Interabled Relationship With Jenna Farmer" that's a must-watch. Jenna has Crohn's Disease, which has made dating harder than it should be. In the 9-minute video, she gives tips and advice for interabled relationships, such as knowing your partner's needs and talking to your friends and family, who will probably be questioning the relationship. This video is on the new YouTube channel Single Disabled, along with a few other helpful videos (Sex and Disability with Sassy Wyatt, When Is The Right Time To Tell Your Date About Your Disability? With Jenna Farmer, etc.) I think these videos are extremely helpful for anyone in an interabled relationship, and you should check them out.  


I have never dated anyone with a disability but have nothing against the idea of doing so if I meet the right lady. I tend to judge people by their personalities, actions, and outlook on life. And of course, when it comes to dating, it's a major plus if I have something in common with the woman, such as likes and dislikes.