Tuesday, March 16, 2021

[Blu-ray Review] - VANGUARD (2020)

The action-adventure film VANGUARD (PG-13; 107 minutes) landed on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital last week from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. It's written and directed by Stanley Tong and stars the legendary Jackie Chan.  

The plot is cliched and confusing at the same time. Qin Guoli is a Chinese accountant living in Great Britain. He tips off Scotland Yard that the terrorist organization Brothers of Vengeance is forcing him to finance a project by their leader, Maasym. SPOILER WARNING: United States forces kill Maasym during a raid. His son, Omar, survives and wants to get his greedy hands on his father's money, so he hires a mercenary gang to kidnap Qin and his wife, Meiwei.  


Jackie Chan plays Tang, the CEO of a covert security company called Vanguard. Their newest assignment is to rescue Qin and Meiwei. After the team saves the day, they are assigned to protect Qin's daughter, Fareeda, who currently resides in Africa. To quickly sum things up, the rest of the film is a globe-trotting action-fest, as Tang and his team try to protect Fareeda from Omar and his henchmen.

Final Thoughts

I had planned on posting this review last week but held it back, so I could rewatch the movie before rewriting my final thoughts. Yeah - VANGUARD is one of the dumbest action-flicks starring Jackie Chan. Wait a minute - he's more like the costar. While he does some of the fighting, the younger cast handles most of the stunts. Yes, I know Jackie Chan is in his mid-60s, but I went into this movie believing he was the main hero. So, I guess one would say I was disappointed with VANGUARD.

The picture and sound qualities are excellent. The film is presented in Mandarin & English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and English Dubbed 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. English and Spanish subtitles are available on the disc. "The Making of Vanguard" is the only featurette.  

VANGUARD is nothing more than a flashy, fast-paced, and pointless action flick. Fun? Sure. However, by the time the stunt outtakes started rolling during the credits, I forgot what the hell I just viewed, hence why I had to do a rewatch. Is it worth watching? Only if you like mindless entertainment.

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