Thursday, October 1, 2020

Coffee, Halloween, and Dating in Los Angeles

It's nearly midnight, and I'm drinking a cup of Starbucks Italian Roast Coffee, which is supposed to taste like dark chocolate and roasted marshmallows. Maybe my taste buds have fallen asleep because all I can taste is the arabica coffee. And, no, the coffee isn't the reason why I am still awake. For those of you who haven't looked at the calendar, today is October 1st. Or what I like to refer to as the official start of the Halloween season, and anybody who knows me knows it's my favorite time of year. So, I spent my night watching Halloween (1978) and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers on AMC.  Halloween isn't just my favorite season, it's also my favorite movie, and even though I own all the Halloween films on Blu-ray, I still get excited when it airs on cable. I can't explain why, but watching the movies makes me feel like a teenager again. 

After the movies were over, instead of going to bed, I watched a YouTube video about the behind-the-scenes drama of The Crow: City of Angels (1996), a Gothic flick that I used to watch on VHS once upon a time. The movie's setting is a dark, grittier version of Los Angeles. And, weirdly, today's Los Angeles probably feels like it has been through an apocalypse because of this year's epidemic. While I don't live there, I have heard downtown Los Angeles is becoming a ghost town. Hopefully, that'll change soon with businesses reopening.

I would love to go to California and visit iconic horror movie locations in Los Angeles, such as the Michael Myers's home and Laurie Strode's house from Halloween, Nancy's house from A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Poltergeist house, and the mansion from House II: The Second Story. If I am still single when or if I ever get a chance to travel to California, maybe I could meet up with a female horror fan who would like to visit these houses with me. I'm sure dating in Los Angeles will be possible in a post-COVID world, though who knows when that will be. Finding a single female horror fan shouldn't be too difficult. I could join Los Angeles Personals and specifically mention in my profile that I prefer my potential match to be a horror lover.

Yeah, I know, it might sound weird to some of you that I want to find a date who loves horror movies, but having the same interests should be a top priority in a relationship. If you don't have anything in common, then what's the point of being with someone. Right?

Hopefully, I am not boring too many readers with tonight's rambling. And that's what it is – a rambling, something that I like to do when I have way too many thoughts rattling around in my head and caffeine pumping in my bloodstream. Plus, it helps me manage my late-at-night loneliness.

Let me wrap up this post by asking, “Are there any movie locations you would like to visit?” Please leave your answers down in the comments section.

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